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Gavlow wrote:

Thanks for the guide!

I just blew all my currency on this item. What should I multicraft on it for the maximum amount of damage?

I am pretty new to the game/crafting so please be as specific as you possibly can.

Multimod is a suffix and the item has a prefix. That leaves 2 prefixes and 2 suffixes to craft.

Thanks ;)

First of all congratz!

I recommend:

Cast Speed % (suffix)
Crit Multi > Crit Chance % (suffix) - Temple of Atzoatl (Factory - Room tier 3)
Spell Damage % (prefix)
Gain % (10-11%) of Non-Chaos Damge as Extra Chaos damage (prefix) - This only can be obtained by unveil system.

EDIT: You can check the first post (guide) and check the rare item section, there's an example with a finished crafted weapon.

EDIT #2: Now you have to see if you want to keep this weapon or sell it later, lot of builds don't stack castspeed (example: trap builds) so would be better to craft the crits!

EDIT 3# There's also unveil prefix like (gain % cold damage as extra chaos damage) and other similar things.

EXTRA NOTE: To make it clear, you don't need a perfect weapon for this build to shine. I guess you already saw for yourself that you can kill T15 trash with oneshot and bosses rather easy with only 1 mod weapon. So whatever you decide to pick, don't worry to much. You don't need to craft all mods today.

This is my opinion.
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Thanks a lot for your excellent reply.

I am currency playing on my farming character till I make the weapon as good as possible in terms of damage so I can switch :)

I want to keep the item for my totem char so I will craft cast speed, if that's the best choice to get on it.

The author of the build on path of building has:
1. Ele dmg as chaos (shaper)
2. Multimod
3. Spell dmg + non-chaos as extra dmg
4. Cold dmg to spells
5. Global (!) crit multi
6. Cast speed

1. Would flat spell damage be better dps from spell dmg + non-chaos as extra dmg?
2. Would crit multi be better than global crit multi?
3. You say crit multi > crit chance. It feels weird because I barely have any crit chance on my items so multi wouldn't be as useful, right?
4. If damage to spells is something to go for, which type of spell damage would be the best in terms of dps?

This is all so confusing and I don't want to make the wrong choice because I invested a lot of currency on this item :(
If you check again the crafted weapon, you can see the mods are: (I crafted that one my self)

#1 Gain Elemental
#2 Global Crit Multi
#3 Multi Mod
#4 Cast Speed
#5 Spell Damage
#6 Gain % non-chaos

NOTE: Yes there is other mod with Spell Dmage + Gain % non-chaos

Crit Chance (for Spells) vs Global Crit Multiplayer (the correct name my mistake last post)

The thing is. We use CONTROLLED DESTRUCTION GEM -> This means we keep doing crits, but 100% less (from our total base ratio)

So for example, if I add 50-100% crit chance, in reality we only adding a few crit chance to our base stat.

For example i add 50% crit chance - my crit chance will go from 50,3% to 52% (this is not correct math, just you to understand)

This being said, we can now see that adding crit chance only raise a few %. But if you add Global Crit Multi, you crit damage will be much higher.

I'm not a big fan of flat damage to spells, and if you check Sambar / Void Scepter (poe.trade) you will see almost everyone don't craft flat spell damage.


I've a similar situation. I've a Void Specter with Gain % Elemtantal + T2 Elemental Penetration. I only can craft 1 addition Suffix (it will be crit multi or cast speed)

For the prefix I didn't learned yet the non chaos / cold % mods, so i'll have to wait to see what I get first.

Also: I don't think 4% chance double damage is good enough.

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should i remove the phys to fire dmg?
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I wanna ask how projectile weakness compare to frostbite?
So far this league:

The following is bought (the rest is self-found):
Shield: 1C
Chest: 13C
Boots: 4C
Amulet: 1 Alc

Still working like a charm :-)
what should i upgrade next? got 18ex budget.
theonedima wrote:
what should i upgrade next? got 18ex budget.

Pandemonius can not be underestimated defensively, but apart from that I don't think there is any substantive enhancements.
You could rejig around Atziri's Reflection (cheapest 23EX atm), but you'd lose the extra totem and damage, though could gain at least some damage back as you could get more offensive rings.
i still feel like my damage is so lacking :/ what can i improve?
my tooltip shows me hitting at like 136k but it feels like i do no dmg to bosses. attempted guardians and just got mauled.

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