[3.7] LL RF Scorching Ray Guardian | 19K ES | 52k Armour|1.5 mil dps| Uber Elder & HoGM DEATHLESS

Hello folks zzang here time to provide another ridiculous facetank everything in the game build. Stats are NOT flasked in the following screenshot.

This build is for you if you got sick of squishy little ripshit mathil builds. FACETANK ALL CONTENT AND DO NOT RIP with 1.5 mil DEEPS.





Edit: some screenshots and videos maybe outdated so check my 3.7 update pob link.

☑ Ridiculously Tanky
☑ 3.7 League Viable ES Build
☑ No Mirror Sceptre required
☑ No Legacy 20% ES Ring enchant required
☑ No Legacy ES Gloves required
☑ No Legacy ES Helm required
☑ No Fake -20% DoT legacy enchantment on double legacy ES shield required
☑ Uber Elder Viable
☑ 100% Immune to One Shots
☑ Immune to Disconnect Rips
☑ Tank the Heaviest Slam Attacks in the game ON DAMAGE MODS - other builds cannot do
☑ Ezy brainless Uber Lab Farmer
☑ Ezy & Fast Shaper Farmer
☑ Ezy and Safe lvl 100 mapping build - does not rip
☑ Tackles any content in the game
☑ Relaxed RF Playstyle
☑ Great for Facetanking all Bosses
☑ Can go afk in a map to consume without losing XP

Why my build?

You can play another LL RF SR Build that uses mirror/legacy gear to kill uber elder and be like:

OR you do my build with superb price/performance ratio.

Point of this build?

- Combine fast mapping clear speed with incredible tankiness and boss kill DEEPS


- Stack energy shield & regen as guardian with 60k armour and 7 auras on top

ES is dead?

- Nope, just check my videos of facetanking the shit out of the game and killing guardians in 30 seconds


The usual suspects

[3.6 Bonus Content: Hall of Grandmasters deathless]:

Deathless Uber Elder Kill:

Full Uber Atziri run - Tank them flameblasts!

Full Shaper run - Facetank Laser and Slam NO PROBLEM

Core Malachai Slam Tanked on Vulnerability @ Double DMG Map Mods

Phoenix Facetank deathless on dmg mods

Minotaur Facetank deathless on dmg mods


Hydra Facetank deathless on dmg mods

Eradictor Video on Demand:







Take my current PoB with a grain of salt and adjust the build according to your items and character level available. It is not neccessary to exactly copy my tree/gear if you have problems with level or gear. I recommend to go for a bit more regeneration than my older version of the build as i figured out % regen helps a lot more in troublesome fights than flat ES but the ratio is important.

A few features of the new build:

- 19k ES
- a lot more Regen
- Determination can be switched for Malevolance if you like more clearspeed especially in the last leagues damage became very important
- still relatively "budget" compared to oldschool full legacy ES mirror item builds
- can do all content including Hall of Grandmasters (see Video Section)

Budget Variant:


Skilltree for those without Path of Building (who dont have it?)

Soul of Arakaali; Soul of Tukohama



Q0: Can i simply copy paste this build if i dont have your level and similar gear?
A: The best you can do is asses your gear and budget/level situation and check what you can get and what not. You will need to adjust your tree around your current level and gear that being said you can copy it but own adjustments are highly recommended.

Q1: I have not enough mana/sustain/gear/ES/currency, im low level and im not sure what im doing - can I run this build?
A: If you are new to this game i highly recommend to NOT do this build. LL RF SR was never a easy build to begin with but it scales very well until the end of all challenges (Uber Elder). With that in mind there are some budget setups like hierophant SR totem build maybe a more starter friendly build fits your needs. If your are new to the game: DO NOT START THIS BUILD FROM LVL 1.

Q2: Is this build budget?
A: No, sorry. If you want to have the stats i have its gonna be expensive.

Q3: I have not enough regen what to do?
A: Check if you have a belt with 20% increased energy shield recovery. You can get very cheap and good shaped heavy belts with a strength roll they compare with a Stygian Wise and top jewel included for very low budget. After that check if you got Oak Bandit and 2% Regen enchant on boots. Then Check if you got all regen passives i have from the tree. Finally check if you got proper purity of fire level in your Prismguard. If your regen still lacks you can remove burning damage nodes form the top of the tree and invest in regen nodes. Same is true for jewel slots or ES nodes. Make it fitting for your gearing situation.

Q4: Do you have a leveling tree for me PLZ?
A: No, sorry but there was plenty of posts in this thread with people linking their low lvl gear and low lvl skill trees. Lvling this build from scratch requires quite a bit of game knowledge therefore also refer to Q1 please.

Q5: Is this a gogo fast clear clear build?
A: No, its a rather slow boss killer that doesnt rip in maps.

Q6: Why do you stack strength?
A: Because you get a shit ton of ES with best in slot gloves: Shaper's Touch.

Q7: I have not enough reservation for auras what did I do wrong?
A: Check if u have the mana reservation nodes i have. Check your Enlighten level.

Q8: I have not enough mana left after Aura reservation what to do?
A: Lower your clarity level until you have enough mana.

Q9: Does this build work in 3.7/league?
A: Yes, but its not the super fastest clearspeed build.

Q10: Does this build work without a Watchers Eye?
A: Yes, but for high tier maps i highly recommend Discipline Recovery or ES gained from Clarity depends on what stat you lack.

Q11: How to trigger Elemental Equilibrium (EE)?
A: You have multiple ways to do so: ele/cold dmg on ring/jewel/weapon or a 4 socket shield charge setup with a added lightning jewel. Make sure you dont have any fire dmg / fire dmg to spells on your equipment as it will ruin your EE setup.

Q12: How do you trigger Elemental Overload?
A: With orb of storms/ Storm Brand combined with crit chance gem at bosses.

Q13: There is a boss i have strugle with my degen what to do?
A: If you want to feel ultra safe pack a bottle with "removes burning on use" this removes the degen from Righteous Fire and let Arakaalis 50% increased regen kicks in. Regen around 10k/ second is possible.

Q14: What does % Energy Shield Recovery do?
A: It multiplies you base regen by % its not displayed ingame in your char sheet only in PoB.

Q15: I have read and followed the FAQ completely and still have a problem what to do?
A: Post in this thread and describe accurately what your problem is and provide a PoB of your characters so that people can help you.

Q16: I feel like my DPS is too low what can i do?
A: Try to switch Determination for Malevolence this provides you a 20% DPS boost. If its still too low you can take some damage nodes at the cost of Energy Shield/Net Regen if you feel that your survivability is still good after changes. Additionally try elemental weakness corruption on gloves for some extra dps. If you struggle against Uber Elder you can try to use RF as a 6 link and SR as a 4 link because a lot of movement is involved in that fight.

Positive Feedback on the Build

Dexxman wrote:

Thanks for posting your build, I have tried a few LLRF this season and I am loving your build with so much ES. I have pretty much everything except the Watchers Eye jewel, but without it, the build still works great.
My question is, why do you spec into MoM when we only have 50-70 mana left unreserved? Doesn't the 30% damage we take come from the mana left unreserved?
Seems this would only mitigate 70 damage on each hit unless I understand it wrong =P

Ah I didn't know the 20% ES recovery counted with regen as well. I thought it only worked ES recharge. That's good to know. I'll either craft one of those or buy one when I get home from work today. Thanks for the help! The build is awesome BTW :)

Zzang thanks for this awesome guide. Nice job on taking Uber down. Love this build, will definitely want to try and hit clvl100 one day with it. Feels so much better than pure es build. I don’t have watchers eye, don’t think I’ll ever will unless rng shines on me. Ok so far without it. Battle on

CptKeys wrote:
To the haters out there claiming this build is completely unrealistic in a league, ect...


Sure its still expensive. When is a LL build ever cheap?
12k ES feasible without Wather's Eye or the 20% ES rings. Damage barely took a hit. I just tweaked the tree a bit and made maybe unrealistic rings, but that doesnt break things. Tone the rings down a bit and all the numbers are still there. OH I also lowered the level to 89. So yes - This build will be attainable in a league.

Great build man I've been messing with the tree a bit to fit my budget / time available. Really appreciate the work you've put in.

Just wanted to let you guys know I found a way to run this with enlighten 2 and no +1 gems gloves. It still has a lot of ES (I'm at about 8200 still at lvl 84 I believe with a ton of es and mana nodes I still need to grab) and is much cheaper to get going, you can check out my tree if you'd like.

Essentially you need to grab the aura nodes, it obviously will be better to respec out of them with enlighten 4 in favor of more jewels / mana / es nodes but it's a decent option thus far.

ALSO: Zzang reminded me previously, but you really need those juicy str / int / mana rolls on rings!!! They add a ton of es when you have the build positioned right, and they're a lot cheaper than other gg rings for other builds.

I personally look for unset rings as then I can work in a Vaal Discipline gem for those pesky burst dmg fights in maps with bad map mods.

This build is awesome and a ton of fun, finally got the deaths door w regen enchant as well. Looking forward to the presence of chayula and the almighty watchers eye someday, incredibly satisfying to play!

If you have any questions post in this thread. Questions on youtube will be ignored.

Thanks for watching, enjoy!
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this build looks sick but could you please post a link to your skill tree, other than the pastebin? Thanks a lot!
Hades_25 wrote:

this build looks sick but could you please post a link to your skill tree, other than the pastebin? Thanks a lot!

Hi, thanx for the build!

What is the approximate cost of the build in HC league?

Is there any gear alternatives or more budget variant of the gear?

Any leveling tips and threes for 30-60-90 lvl?

Costs around 50 eggsalts in league...
Zer0Coo1_ wrote:
Hi, thanx for the build!

What is the approximate cost of the build in HC league?

Is there any gear alternatives or more budget variant of the gear?

Any leveling tips and threes for 30-60-90 lvl?


I have zero clue about HC prices over there. You can check it easily yourself with poe.trade. +1 Shavs is pure luxury. Id say the build is fairly cheap for what you get compared to the mirror RF builds out there that cant compete with this one.

I dont see many alternatives u want the helm, shield, armour, amulet, boots and gloves the rest is up to you what your budget offers.

I dont have a leveling guide for this but you can do a simple righteous fire life build or level with whatever you feel comfortable with and do a respecc in the late 80's.

Edit: Updated Video Section with chimera and Core Malachai Slam tankerage on vulnerability double damage mods.
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Hello. Mind to share what pantheon you used?
ekorberuang wrote:
Hello. Mind to share what pantheon you used?

Added to the guide, thanks for feedback.

Edit: Full Shaper run is now in the VIDEO Section. Uber Atziri recording soon™
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I cant have all the auras up, how you can do it?
Kross0m wrote:
I cant have all the auras up, how you can do it?

I can not tell the reason without seeing your gear/stats. Link me pob link and I will find out.

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