Joe's Stream.

Joe's Stream, 2/9/18, 6:27 pm.

Off-stream I farmed a bit, and went from level 16 to 18, and did the quest where you had to kill a big white bear (The Great White Beast).

Some good progress today, went from level 18 to 22 and made a dent in the Act II questline. Otherwise, nothing out of the ordinary this time around. Definitely not something I take for granted though. It might be honky dory today but I could end up dead tomorrow.

Anyway, here's the records I played:

Rush - Caress of Steel
Vangelis - Spiral

Okay, off to get ready for work now. Take care and thanks for reading. ;]

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Joe's Stream, 2/10/18, 6:31 pm.

Good session today. Went from level 21 to level 24 and made further headway in the Act II questline. Got as far as getting Magliaro's Spike. And holy Mary mother of god what a drop I got!


I bet I'll be keeping that one for a while!

But anyway, tomorrow will be the same as today, just keep working on the questline. Just keep plugging along.

And for the records I played today they were:

Metallica - Master of Puppets
Frank Zappa - One Size Fits All

Okay, gotta get ready for work. Thanks for reading, and see ya next time.
Joe's Stream, 2/11/18, 6:13 pm.

Off-stream I played a bit this morning, and got my guy from level 24 to level 25 and advanced in the Act II plot to the point where the sky turns black. I also got another unique item as well:


Another good session today, reaching level 28 and completing the Act II questline and starting up on Act III. <<< Me beating Vaal Oversoul

And so tomorrow - you guessed it - it'll be working on knocking out some more of the Act III stuff.

And with that, here's the records I played today (BTW I got more rock-oriented albums on the way. Playing classical music during a bloody-gory violent game, although quite amusing, still leaves me going "uhhh not too sure on this", especially when considering viewers)

Jethro Tull - Stand Up
Grofe - Grand Canyon Suite
Devo - New Traditionalists

Okay, have to get ready for work. The last day of my work week, so I can actually spend some time on this game the next couple of days. Until then, take care.
Joe's Stream, 2/12/18, 6:36 pm.

Aaaaand went from level 28 to 31 today and made it as far as The Docks in Act III, so some decent progress was made today.

And the mic decided to shut off on me, but luckily I caught it almost immediately after it did and fixed it. Too bad that don't happen often. Usually it's about 20-30 minutes before I notice, because ima wetod like that (one time it cut out within 30 minutes of me starting streaming and I didn't notice it at all until towards the end of my 4-5 hour stream session). >.<

And so tomorrow - or later on today, not sure yet - I'll just continue chugging along Act III, hopefully reaching or at least getting close to the final boss.

And here's the records I played:

Gwar - Scumdogs of the Universe
The Cure - Disintigration
The Washington Post Marching Band - 50 Fabulous March Favorites

Alright, gonna call it a night and probably lay down for a bit, as I only had 4 hours of sleep today, and even then I was dreaming during parts of it. I MIGHT be on later on today, we'll see. Until then though, take care and thanks for reading. ;]
Joe's Stream, 2/13/18, 6:38 pm.

This morning off-stream I played about a half an hour or so, and got my Mr. Marauder from level 31 to 33 and got myself a hideout as well (did some hideout crafting as well. Now he's starting to more resemble a Templar than he is a marauder lol).

Awesome session today! Got my marauder from level 33 to level 37 and got as far as the Scepter of God in Act III. I even got a chance to extol the virtues of this game to a viewer friend who's never played this before! <<< Piety fight

And for tomorrow I'll keep going up the tower, but not sure if I'll fight Dominus or not (nearly died to him last time, plus my work week starts tomorrow, so I might just break off and farm stuff if I don't think I have the time rather than fully commit to fighting him and risk running late).

And here's what I played today:

Fugazi - In on the Kill Taker
Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick
Bill Justis - Plays 12 More Big Instrumental Hits
Butthole Surfers - Independent Worm Saloon

Okay, so that's that. I'll probably veg for a while until I decide to stream later on this morning (not sure which game, it's usually decided on the spur of the moment). Until then, take care. ;]

Geez, Piety really needs to clean up after herself. Call Monty Python. They'd be there on Thursday!

eJSR6gb hxpaOsz

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Joe's Stream, 2/14/18, 6:47 pm.

This morning I decided to check out the PoE website again, commenting on its features. I thought it'd be a cool thing to do, after having played this game for a bit, as kind of a refresher.

And for my previous visit:

Also this morning, off-stream I did a bit of farming as well, and went from level 37 to 38.


A shorter than normal session today, since A). I woke up a bit late, and B). My computer restarted 2-3 times (presumably due to Windows automatic updates, which I disabled), so I couldn't do anything.

Anyways, I finished up Act III and went from level 38 to level 39. And I also killed Dominus, which went WAY better than last time! <<< Dominus fight

After this I managed to reach act IV and killed Voll, after which I called it good, as my work week has started now and have to cut it off around 8:30-8:45 pm in order to get ready and make my blog posts.

Aaaaand here's the records I played today:

KISS - Self-Titled Debut
The Residents - The Third Reich n' Roll

Okay, have to get ready for work. Take care and thanks for reading/watching. I appreciate it. ;]
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Joe's Stream, 2/15/18, 6:28 PM.

Earlier this morning I played for about 30-45 mins, and went from level 39 to level 40, and also did the "Indomitable Spirit" quest as well.


A meh session today, mostly farming and little questing. Got Mr. Marauder from level 40 to 41. Almost had my ass handed to me by a bunch of blue spectres during a prophecy (note to self: re-bind the Options key)! :O <<< Prophecy Fight

And for tomorrow, probably more farming, and MAYBE questing. I'm wanting to at least upgrade my weapon as well, as it's taking AT LEAST 2 hits to kill stuff. I'm also considering leveling up either my scion or creating a new character (not sure which) too, as my marauder is starting to get stale right now.

Buuut enough of that. Here's what I played today:

Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees
Stan Getz - With Laurindo Almeida

Gotta get ready for work. Running late making this blog post and video uploading. Thanks for reading/watching. ;]
Joe's Stream, 2/16/18, 6:25 pm.

This morning I did some farming for about an hour or so, getting from level 41 to 42, and I also did the a bit of the "The Eternal Nightmare" quest, making it as far as the Kaom waypoint.

But for the stream today I just farmed stuff, so nothing real memorable. I fought what I THINK was a rogue exile, but that's about it (fires 3-way lightning balls, got hit with Contagion and some other purple stacking effect, my health yo-yoing like crazy). Hit level 43 as well.

And an old friend of mine from back when we played Diablo 3 on the PS4 came by to visit, always good! We just talked about work and old times and stuff (and like me, he likes PoE more than Diablo 3 and even Diablo 2, as controversial as that sounds).

Anyways, here's the records I played:

Motorhead - Overkill
Roky Erikson - Gremlins Have Pictures

Okay, so that's it for now. I have to start getting ready for work now. Take care and see ya next time. ;]
Joe's Stream, 2/17/18, 6:31 pm.

Farmed a bit, then said screw it and continued on with the storyline quests, and made a quick kill out of Kaom (quick kills are never ever taken for granted): <<< Kaom fight

After that, I worked on the Daresso part of the quest, and found a waypoint IE. a good stopping point, and called it a day. And tomorrow I'll probably continue on the storyline stuff. Getting a better weapon and Poacher's Mark helps!

And for the records,:

Heart - Dreamboat Annie
Throbbing Gristle - The Second Annual Report

Okay, have to get ready for work now. Thanks for reading/watching, and take care. ;]

Looovely drop!

Joe's Stream, 2/18/18, 6:28 pm.

To start, I went ahead and paid $30 for that Harpy package, and spent the extra tokens on more stash space and a currency tab. I don't actually need the extra space right now, but I do plan on playing this game a while, and I'm figuring I won't be playing my marauder forever, and I'll be playing other classes eventually. So I figured now is about as good a time as any.

Did a bit of both farming and questing today, and went from level 44 to level 45. I also managed to kill Daresso as well (and man, did Lady Dialla get ugly afterwards. Hell yeah, I'll kill Malachai for ya, if it makes ya hot again!). <<< Daresso Fight

And for tomorrow, it'll be more farming/questing. I'm also still thinking about starting up another character, although not sure which one yet (paralyzed by options. I'll pretty much play anything now, except for a witch).

But, that's that for today. And here's the records I played:

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
Bill Cosby - 200 M.P.H.

Have to get ready for work now. Take care and see ya next time. ;]
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