[3.2] Fivers Frostblades Raider ||| 2+ mil Shaper DPS ||| Fast clearspeed |||

For everyone with questions, I am sorry if I'm not able to respond to everyone. I have a lot of stuff on my table at the moment, and finding it hard to juggle between PoE and everyday life right now.
So please look at the FAQ before asking stuff, because most of it is in there.
I will still try to keep an eye on things, but no promises right now.


This build is a Claw & Shield based Frost Blades build.
It utilizes a fast clear speed, high mobility, and high damage to clear all the available content.
The only thing I haven't killed (yet) is Uber Elder. But I'll take care of that when I have more time to play.
This isn't a tanky afk build. It requires a certain amount of skill in order to clear the hardest content.

The damage on this build follows an exponential curve. I'll explain what I mean by that.
DPS with "bad" gear should be around 300-500k. Improving on that isn't hard, but crossing the 1 million mark is the "hard" part. Once you pass that mark however, every little damage point here and there starts scaling better and better. Getting from 300k to 1000k is harder than getting from 1000k to 2000k. (in my own experience)
There are a lot of variables that are important in order to get the high numbers of dps that I had in 3.1, so make sure to really read the build if you want to reach those numbers. Also please note that the claw you use is a big part of the damage.

Current progress of my character: https://pastebin.com/fmkwwBFx
(Last updated 2018-04-02)

Before I get into the build I want to thank everyone who has helped out and made the build better. A lot of the comments in this thread have helped make the build stronger than it originally was. Thank you for that!


Please read the guide thoroughly before asking questions.
I try to answer all the questions I can but I get tons of questions both here, in-game, and in private messages. I really don't mind helping out in any way I can, but it can be hard for me to catch every single one.
However, most of the times it's the same questions. So if you have a question, please check out the FAQ before you ask. And please make sure you've read the guide thoroughly.
Because there's a good chance that it may have been answered already. :)


Why are you using Avatar of the Chase instead of Avatar of the Veil?
With the changes to rapid assault and avatar of the chase, the onslaught branch in the raider ascendancy is really good.

Basically thanks to rapid assault, we will have onslaught up 100% of the time.
With the bonuses from that part of the ascendancy, and onslaught active, we will get:
30% increased evasion rating
40% increased damage
40% increased move speed
40% increased attack speed
25% melee evade
25% projectile evade

The downside is that we lose the immunity to elemental ailments, but I think it’s worth it.

Why are you using Bloodseeker as an alternative? Isn’t there better cheap claws for dps?
Yes there are. But Bloodseeker gives us instant leech. This is incredibly strong for survivability. It is one of few items that lets you facetank Shaper-beam.
Also the dps on Bloodseeker is more than enough for most content.

Why aren't you using a Touch of Anguish?
Well, ToA is a good weapon and I do have it listed as an alternative. It has very bad attack speed though, and that makes the build feel slower.

Bloodseeker isn't that much faster than ToA though, and it actually does less damage, but the main reason why I prefer a Bloodseeker over ToA is because the instant leech is just really really powerful. Against most content that you face, as long as you don't get one shot it's really hard for an enemy to kill you as long as you are attacking. Because you leech up to full HP almost instantly.

I do realize that a lot of people like ToA, and it is totally a viable option though. It's just not my option.

Why are you using 2 Fight for Survival jewels? You haven't taken enough dexterity to support them.
I think a lot of people are confused with the wording on this jewel, and I get why. There are threshold jewels that require you to have allocated a certain amount of dex/str/int within their radius in order for them to actually work.
Fight for survival is not one of those. The dexterity requirement on Fight for Survival doesn't have to be allocated. As long as there is 40 dex within the radius, it works.
You don't actually need to take the points.

How do I find a good rare claw?
Probably one of the most common questions I get.
I'm gonna be honest. Finding a good claw can be hard. We have an advantage in that we can scale on both hybrid and pure phys claws, but that also means that there are more search parameters to take into account when we look for one.

I've said earlier that a claw with only physical damage should be 330+ dps, and a hybrid claw should have 230+ pdps and 150+ edps.
But that isn't all there is to it. Depending on what type of elemental damage, it will need more or less. Cold is obviously the best option.
Another huge factor is attack speed. A rare claw with the same dps as a ToA, but 1.9+ attack speed, might still be a really nice upgrade from Bloodseeker even though it doesn't deal that much more damage (I'm talking maybe 80-90k dps more).
Because it makes the build "flow" a lot smoother. You move faster, you are stuck in multistrike less time, you get charges faster, etc.
It just generally makes the build faster and more mobile altogether.

Another thing that is a HUGE factor is crit chance. I see a lot of people with claws that have great dps but no "% increased critical strike chance". The crit chance is incredibly important and even master-crafted crit chance can make a 300pdps claw as good as a 350pdps claw that doesn't have it.

One option that I prefer to do myself is to craft my own claws. This isn't cheap and it requires that you know what to look for and how the process works. Most of the times this isn't even profitable. You are probably better of buying a claw to begin with.
But if you want to get a 70ex+ claw, I think this is easier.
If you are a newb at crafting, I've written a little guide further down in the F.A.Q.
It is by all means incomplete however, and just a general outline on how I do it.

Should I get 1 or 2 abyssal sockets in Tombfist?
One is enough. The thing we really care about is the intimidate which gives us 10% extra damage.
The maim that we could get from having 2 sockets doesn't really do much for us, but the 2nd socket also allows for another abyssal gem with potential for lots of damage.

Can I play this build in harcore?
I wouldn't recommend it.

Why do you use Lycosidae instead of dual-wielding?
The thing that makes Lycosidae so good is the unique mod "Your hits can't be evaded".

This is really good for damage and scales incredibly the better your claw is.
But it is also incredibly powerful for survival. Since we are depending on leech to survive, that means having a 100% hit chance makes sure that we leech better.
If you don't have a good rare claw and use Bloodseeker, that is just insane.
100% hit chance and instant leech.

If I get a taste of hate, what flask should I replace?
Replace overflowing chalice or the wise oak.
Ideal flask setup is
Diamond with freeze - Life with bleed - Atziri - Lion's roar - taste of hate

I have heard that frost blades has low single target damage. Do you have an alternative setup for that?
Yes and No.
Compared to some other skills, frost blades single target damage can be perceived to be low. Personally I’ve never really felt that way myself though.
I don’t have an alternative set-up. I’m sure you can use molten strike or something like that, but I don’t feel that I need it.
If you look at the videos you can see it for yourself and determine if it kills fast enough for you.

Where do you get your leech from without vitality void? How do you sustain mana?
The node Soul Raker is the source for most of our leech, including mana leech. We also get some life leech from the node blood drinker.
Atziri's flask is another source.

How do I use Path of Building to measure my dps?
When you measure your dps, you click "configuration" and then cross the following:
✓Do you use frenzy charges?
✓Do you have onslaught?
✓Is the enemy chilled?
✓Is the enemy intimidated?

Is the enemy a boss? -> Shaper/Guardian

Make sure your flasks are active in the items page by checking the checkbox.
Make sure you have Ruthless equipped instead of Ancestral call.

Make sure you are looking at the right place. On the left side, you choose Frost Blades under "Main Skill".
Also make sure you are looking at "total DPS" and not "Average Damage"

I am having trouble with Atziri's mirror-clone. How do you avoid killing yourself in that fight?
This fight is always a tricky one when you have good aoe or lots of projectiles.
With frost blades, what you need to do is position yourself in the middle of the clones, and be as close as possible to the clone you are attacking. This way your frost blades shouldn't chain on the other clones.

Another alternative is to remove multistrike from your links during the atziri fight. That way your character won't target any other clone than the one you are aiming at. Replace it with melee physical damage.

why are you not using added cold damage instead of Ice Bite?
Added cold does give a lot of damage, but it can't compare to ice bite when you are stacking frenzy charges.

A lvl 20 added cold damage does 169 - 254 cold damage to attacks

A level 20 Ice bite gives you
69 - 103 cold damage to attacks
But Ice bite also gives you 15 - 23 cold damage to attacks per frenzy charge.
With 8 frenzy charges thats 120 - 185

If we add that up, we get 189 - 287 from Ice Bite.

And then we also get a bunch of other stuff, like extra chance to freeze & frenzy charge generation.

How do you craft a good claw?
Honestly, most of the times it is probably a better idea to just save up and buy one, but I crafted mine. It's a fairly simple strategy, but you will need a lot of currency.

Step 1: Find a good claw with item lvl 83+

Step 2: Use an orb of transmutation to make it magic.

Step 3: Spam orb of alterations until you get good mods.

Step 4: Regal it.

Step 5A: Bad regal? Start over.

Step 5B: Good regal? Finish up the crafting. Depending on what mods you have at this point, the process of finishing up is different.

Scenario 1:
If you have 2 really good prefixes, but shitty suffix, then in order for it to become a good claw, you must first scour your suffix. Because there are two things that pretty much every good claw in the game needs, and that is Attack speed and Crit chance.

To scour your suffixes you take the claw to armourer's bench and add Prefixes cannot be changed [2EX] (this counts as a suffix). Then you use a normal orb of scouring on it. This will remove both the crafted mod and any previous suffixes on an item, leaving you with an item with 2 prefixes.
Then you go to the blessing font and add Can have multiple mods [2ex] (this counts as a suffix).
Craft attack speed, critical strike chance, and prefix of your choice. Done.

If you are already happy with the suffix you have; go straight to Can have multiple mods and master-craft the remaining mods.

Scenario 2:
Let's say the item you regal had T1 "% increased physical damage" and T1 "% increased attack speed".
Now after you regal it, it also hit T1 "% increased critical strike chance".

You can now, either multimod and add 2 prefixes.
Block the last suffix by crafting something like resist on it.
This leaves you with 1 Prefix and 3 Suffixes.
Use an exalt orb and hope that it hits something good. Ideal in this scenario would be a high adds # to # physical damage.
(EDIT: Want to add something here. Don't do this. This is bad advice. Only time you should do this is if you have too many exalted orbs and need to get rid of some.)

If the exalt hits something bad, you can still just remove the crafted mod, multimod, and craft "adds # to # physical damage" from the wheel.
Same thing if the exalt hits something good, get rid of the crafted mod and add something you want.
You can also slam another exalt on it at this point, since you will have an open affix left somewhere.


% increased physical damage
% increased phsyical damage / # to accuracy
adds # to # to physical damage
adds # to # to cold damage
adds # to # to fire damage
adds # to # to lightning damage

Personally I prefer looking for good physical rolls. A good T1 physical roll is worth using a regal on, even if the suffix is really bad.

Here's the reason
Lets assume that we get are crafting the best claw in the game.
From the alteration, we get "170%+ increased physical damage" and something like "x mana gained on kill". Now, the mana gained on kill obviously sucks balls, but here's the thing.
If we were to hit a good "adds # to # physical damage" we suddenly have an extremely good claw. If we end up with both of those rolls on T1, we are sitting on one of the best claw in the game.
We can either just scour the suffixes, multimod, and master craft it. That would give us a claw with a minimum 400 physical dps. (which is INSANE)

But here's the thing. If we block the prefixes, we can slam 2 exalts on the claw in hopes of getting 26-27 increased attack speed. If we fail, we can just scour the suffixes and keep on trying over and over. It's going to cost a bit. But when we succeed, all of a sudden we have a claw with up to 504 physical dps. Also. This is with only 2 prefixes. We still have room to add more damage.

This is obviously like winning the lottery, but you get my line of thinking.

Getting an elemental claw with this extreme kind of DPS is impossible with only two T1 prefixes.

% increased attack speed
% increased critical strike chance

These are really the only good suffixes that we care about. In the best case scenario we could add "% increased critical strike multiplier" on a third place, but if we are going to use Can have multiple mods, there is only room for 2 other suffixes.


To those who are like me and want to see a build in action before reading here you go: (3.1)
(Jump to 1:24 if you want to skip gear/links/passives)

Uber Izaro Viable
Uber Atziri Viable
Shaper Viable
Elder Viable
Vaal Temple Viable
Chayula Viable


+Fast clear speed
+Very good dps
+Constant onslaught and full frenzy charges
+Can do all content
+Really fun playstyle
+High dodge and evade chance

-Can't do elemental reflect maps
-Could be tankier. (Can facetank most content, but some things can be nasty)
-Can get expensive

3.1 Stats

PoB stats vs Shaper, with ancestral protector totem, abyssus equipped & flasks active.
(No vaal haste, power charges, freeze)

PoB link
Lvl 95 skilltree and the gear I had in 3.1:
The configuration in the PoB link is made to simulate the damage we do against shaper.

- Power charges are disabled, because we won't have them up vs shaper.
- Enemy frozen is disabled because we don't actually freeze shaper.

+ Abyssus is equipped. This is pretty much the only time we do have it equipped.
+ Vaal haste is enabled. (We do actually get to use it vs shaper, but only 2 times. The beginning of the 2nd and 3rd phase when the gem will be charged. With incresed duration that still adds up to 13 seconds of vaal haste.)
+ Flasks are active. While we do not have 100% uptime on flask, the phases we have against shaper are fairly short. I feel that the flasks should be accounted for because of this.


Shaper - Full map (7m 45s)
1 death because I suck ass. I thought I was withing melee range, but obviously I wasn't, so he threw balls at me. :(

Red Elder - Full Fight (2m 40s)

Minotaur Facetank (27s)
Roughly at 1mil shaper dps at this point. (without abyssus)

Hydra Facetank (31s)
Roughly at 1mil shaper dps at this point. (without abyssus)

Uber Lab - Full Key run (8 minutes)
Just to have something to show. Uberlab done with an average claw, at best. A claw like this won't cost you that much.


Colosseum 3.2 - With Rare Claw
Just a video to demonstrate clearspeed. This one is done with a good rare claw. See below for same map with a Bloodseeker claw.

Colosseum 3.2 - With Bloodseeker
This video is recorded before I got much good gear. It demonstrates how the build performs in high-tier maps with budget gear. The claw used is Bloodseeker.

Build showcase with bossfighs and clearspeed:(3.1)
3.1 Videos

Deathless Shaper: (4 min. Shaper fight)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdcVeoXb53w(3:40 min. Full run)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5USjJCfwh2U(4:40 min. Full run)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkdbF0MQfEo(6 min. Full run)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Lk0P4LUcyA(4:30 min. Full run)
Other stuff

Vaal temple:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbVZVDfUbIA(4:30. Full clear)
I realized when I was finished clearing that I had forgotten to equip ancestral call. So if you think the clearspeed is slow, I blame that.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40f8OWMPzjk(1:36. Bosses only)
I originally intended to have the full run, but then I ran into both an abyss and a breach, and I figured that wasn't very interesting to watch.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzr-FWoQYN4(1:09. Last minute of fight)
Ok, so for full disclosure. This was my first ever attempt att Chayula. I don't know why, but I've just never really gotten around to it earlier. I died a lot of times before I realized "hey maybe I should avoid his cyclone, It kinda hurts".
I didn't bother uploading the entire clip, because a 10 minute video of me getting rekt and backtracking for loot is just not entertaining to watch.

Red Elder:

Skills and Passive tree


Way of the Poacher > Avatar of the Slaughter > Rapid Assault > Avatar of the Chase
Rapid Assault > Avatar of the Chase > Way of the Poacher > Avatar of the Slaughter

Both are solid options.

Good damage and resists.

Major: Soul of Lunaris or Soul of Solaris. Both are good for different situations.
Minor: Soul of Yugul

Frost Blades:

When mapping, use Ancestral Call instead of Ruthless. Ancestral call together with Frost Blades is incredibly powerful.
Another option is to use Damage on full life instead of melee phys/ice bite. It is really up to you wether you want to play this or not. It does more damage, assuming you stay on full life.

Here's why

This is how Frost Blades normally work:

The maximum amount of targets it can hit is 8.
This is how Frost Blades work with Ancestral Call:

When we use Frost Blades together with Ancestral Call, it adds 2 melee hits.
Basically, you are throwing 3 Frost Blades at the same time.
The maximum amount of targets it can hit is 24.
But here's where it gets cool:
Ancestral Call can attack in all directions. So you are not only throwing 3 Frost Blades at the same time, but you can jump into the middle of an enemy pack, and just explode them from inside in all directions, if you should wish.

And we're not done...
Let's assume we are fighting only 3 targets, and they are perfectly lined up for maximum destruction.
Here's how Frost Blades work:

Each target gets hit one time.
Here's how Frost Blades work with Ancestral Call:

The targets on the sides gets hit 2 times.
The target in the middle gets hit 3 times.

This is why Ancestral Call is so incredibly strong for clearspeed.
Yes, we get lower DPS.. It is extremely bad to have equipped when we are fighting single targets.

+ it can hit more targets
+ it can shoot in all directions
+ it can hit the same targets multiple times

Auras and CoH:(Obviously this won't generate power charges on shaper)


Attack speed & Dmg boost:


CWDT2 (Curse and debuff):

This could be changed into a frost bomb > CoH > Frostbite as a more reliable way to debuff bosses. I preferably use it as CWDT though, because I don't like standing still too much. We have ancestral protector to cast aswell, so if we need to stop several times during a bossfight to cast 2 spells for buff+debuff, we make ourselves an easier target. And since we have pretty low HP, that's dangerous.

Another alternative for a more defensive setup is to replace frostbite with.

The ideal situation would be if you can get elemental weakness on hit on your gloves. Then you won't really have any use for frostbite.

Current gear

Gear in detail
Must have Uniques:

These boots are a really nice addition to the build. I wouldn't say that they are necessary, but they are incredibly useful. Considering we have 8 frenzy charges up all the time, they give a lot of mobility and survivability.

We pretty much have to use this shield. It's just too good to pass up on.
It can be expensive at the start of a new league though, so with a low budget you can either get another claw with phys dmg or a shield. Doesn't really matter that much to be honest.
Here are a few decent alternatives until you can get a Lycosidae:
Great Old One's Ward
The Wasp Nest
Ornament of the East
Touch of Anguish

Abyssus gives us so much damage, it's insane, but I honestly prefer Rat's Nest.
Abyssus is only really 'needed' on Shaper. Anywhere else, go with Rat's Nest.
Starkonja is a nice alternative to the others if you feel that you need the HP.

40% increased Frost blades damage is ideal of course.

We're using Frost Blades, so yeah..

Not really needed, but I would recommend getting some version of it.
The best one would probably be the one with cold penetration.

Other Gear:


A claw with high PDPS, or one with high PDPS and Cold damage or Elemental damage with attack skills. Those are our best options.

If you don't have a high budget my favorite alternative is a Bloodseeker.
The instant leech you get from this claw is incredibly powerful and I have killed both shaper, elder and uber atziri with it.

Other good alternatives are Wasp Nest and Touch of Anguish.


This is what I am currently using. Good dps and decent HP if you get some on the jewel. Also it must be a murderous eye jewel so we get the intimidate.
IF you can get curse enemies with level # elemental weakness on hit that is incredibly good.


I personally prefer a rare chest. Lot's of HP and high evasion is ideal.

Despite my preference however, there are a lot of options to fill this spot with. You'll have to decide for yourself which works best for you. These can all be good alternatives if you can make them fit and make up for the lost stats you can get from a rare.

Hyrri's Ire - This chest is insane in so many ways. It adds shitloads of damage, has an extreme amount of evasion, and to top it off, we also get dodge from it.
Cons: It lacks HP and resists

Yriel's Fostering (Rhoa or Ursa) - This is also an incredible DPS boost. It has decent evasion and decent max life. An all around good chest.
Cons: It lacks resists

The Perfect Form - The base evasion on this one is average, at best. But it has a few really good bonuses. First of all, the free Arctic Armour is huge. Free physical damage reduction & fire damage reduction. If you manage to get a high frost resist, then it can provide good evasion as well. The increased dexterity is great, and the Phase Acrobatics saves us passive points.
Cons: It makes it really hard to max our resists.

Belly of the Beast - Good for hit points, and also some resist, but very bad for evasion. I personally don't like it, but some do.
Queen of the Forest - A decent chest. Mediocre hit points, and some resists. If you stack enough evasion you can also get some movespeed.


Stygian belts are just so good, we can't pass up on that.
We want life, resist and elemental damage with attacks.
Flat elemental damage on the jewel adds nice damage. Preferably cold damage.

Opal rings is the way to go. Preferably with elemental damage to attacks, HP and resists. Flat phys damage is also very good.

Same as with rings. Hp, resist, Elemental damage with attacks. Crit chance and crit multiplier would be a nice bonus if you can fit it in.
The Pandemonius - INSANE damage
Cons: No hp and not that much resists.


This is pretty much the ideal flask setup, with the exception that I don't have Taste of Hate.
The wise oak is only good if your frost resist is the highest uncapped resistance.

Leveling Tips

You can pretty much start with frost blades from the start.
Use something like Last Resort until you get to lvl 26, and then you switch into 2xEwar's Mirage.
Ewar's mirage is a seriously underestimated weapon. You can use those badboys up to lvl 70 with ease. They scale so good.
It is also entirely possible to just pick up good rares.

In order to get the most out of Ewar's Mirage, you need to stack some flat damage on gear. There are shitloads of good options for this.
Anything with Adds # to # phys/cold/light/fire damage is good. There are lots of cheap lowlvl uniques that are great for this.
Some examples:

Well, you get it..

If you feel that you are having trouble with mana while leveling, I recommend using Praxis rings or Elreon rings.


This is just the way I prefer. I’ll just list the key nodes in the order they should be prioritized. There is always room for changes if you prefer to do it in another order, of course.

Winter Spirit
Thick Skin
Vitality Void (get rid of this when you get Soul Raker)
Vaal Pact (get rid of this when/if you get bloodseeker)
Golem’s Blood
Jewel Socket
Art of the gladiator
Fangs of Frost
Primeval Force
Jewel Socket
Blood Drinker
Phase Acrobatics
Blood Siphon
Force of nature
Revenge of the Hunted
Soul Raker
Claws of the Magpie
the life node below Blood Siphon
Claws of the Pride
All the frenzy charges
Written in Blood / Claws of the Falcon

Don't panic.
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Added videos

Don't panic.
+New PoB link to match my current stats
+Added videos

Don't panic.
+Further updates and minor changes.
+New printscreen from PoB stats to reflect my up-to-date character
+Added and removed some videos. (Deathless shaper added)
+Changed title

Don't panic.
hi, i have tried gem link in your way:
Ancestral Protector + COH + frostbite
But it does not seem to work, I do not see the curse on the boss.
Can you explain me?
thank you very much !!!
Completed 12 Challengesnohssiw19592 wrote:
hi, i have tried gem link in your way:
Ancestral Protector + COH + frostbite
But it does not seem to work, I do not see the curse on the boss.
Can you explain me?
thank you very much !!!

Right, I'm just stupid. It's not supposed to work with ancestral protector. I originally had it linked to Orb of Storms, but decided to use ancestral protector instead, without changing up the curse setup. I'll have to find some workaround to this.

Edit. Fixed the links and switched around a bit. Ditched warlord's mark, because we don't really need it anyway.

Don't panic.
Last edited by Fiver on Feb 4, 2018, 11:46:08 AM
Added level progression and ascendancy order.

Don't panic.
Previously u noted in your build to kill all bandits for passive point, but now u changed it for allira. Is it that much critical to help her as I’m currently lvl 70 and killed all of them. Thnx in advance.
pms_techka wrote:
Previously u noted in your build to kill all bandits for passive point, but now u changed it for allira. Is it that much critical to help her as I’m currently lvl 70 and killed all of them. Thnx in advance.

No it isn’t.
It’s basically a tradeoff between survivability and damage.
By picking alira you get some crit multiplier and all res.
If you kill all you get the same res, no crit multiplier, but a couple extra % chance to evade attacks. I have 2 skillpoints aswell, and for me, I think I get about 3% melee and 5% projectile evade.

Both options are good imo.

Don't panic.
Completed 24 ChallengesFiver wrote:
pms_techka wrote:
Previously u noted in your build to kill all bandits for passive point, but now u changed it for allira. Is it that much critical to help her as I’m currently lvl 70 and killed all of them. Thnx in advance.

No it isn’t.
It’s basically a tradeoff between survivability and damage.
By picking alira you get some crit multiplier and all res.
If you kill all you get the same res, no crit multiplier, but a couple extra % chance to evade attacks. I have 2 skillpoints aswell, and for me, I think I get about 3% melee and 5% projectile evade.

Both options are good imo.

Thanks for reply. Any suggestions about pantheon?

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