[3.2] Insuppressible Gladiator | Max Block, Full Life, Sunder/TS, Super Tank, All-budget

Thank's a lot for this build. It is awesome!
You saved my duelist (had a not so good build before) and this one was a budget one too :D
Hello my dudes. Question here. I have a really good crit mace and i have also a lycosidae. I was wondering if it was a good option to convert this into a crit max block gladiator with lycosidae or should i just go for accuracy in gear and get a nice shaped shield instead? Thanks for the help and the awesome guide.
Is Thousand Teeth Temu an option? It also gives health on blocks, decent health, and evasion is converted to armor yes?

Enjoying the build so far my friend, thanks!
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3 points for Iron Reflexes? Does the Perseverance Belt take armour instead of Evasion because it's zero then? PoB says taking IR reduces your DPS but maybe it's wrong.
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just curious, but im not sure why ur focusing on mace? and sunder? is that the most optimal skill here?

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Hey man, thank for the great build.
But i got problems with Dps, i can only reach 3x k damage :< was followed all your guide but my dps to low so i cant kill the Elder :(
will i be able to use this build in patch 3.3 ?
I've been doing this in HCSSF Incursion and it's been going well. Survivability is really good, but my damage has been pretty shit since like Malachai. Have not been lucky with my weapon drops.

Anyone run this SSF before, and have some tips on what to chance/div cards or anything? Lvl 56 right now.
So! The build is great, however - t9 elder rekt me. Why? Damage is really low, and before u say anything 480dps behemoth mace. I had 5.9k hp, went down to 5.5-5.7 (was watching my hp bar) and suddenly got one shot. Yeah Im never doing end game with this build again XD

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