[3.2] Insuppressible Gladiator | Max Block, Full Life, Sunder/TS, Super Tank, All-budget

Thanks! I missed that one. Added it to the guide!

I apologize that the guide was slightly vague in that area! As such I have added some details to the guide accordingly. I also want to explain it to you directly here. I am glad to hear you are enjoying the build!

The linkage there actually only requires a 2L. Rallying Cry sits alone (but a 3L doesn't hurt it, it just isn't useful). We use rallying cry for the increased damage mainly and the extra mana regen is a benefit that definitely helps out at the earlier levels where you might be starved a bit. The 2-link setup with CWDT is actually linked with portal so you have a portal following you around as you fight, but if you have an abundance of endurance charges (from having the charge on block from the shield, and from warlords mark) then you can put in Immortal Call for extra survivability. You could replace this with a different CWDT setup based on your preference such as phase run, vortex, arctic breath, or molten shell. I find having portal fairly valuable as I don't have to carry around portal scrolls. If you wanted to you could also remove the CWDT and use the spot for Enduring Cry or even a skill swap if you wanted to use something better for single targets (like static strike). We have a bunch of flexibility in this location! I hope I was able to answer your question fully and clear up any confusion.
“As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.”
Hey, I just want to give some quick positive feedback! :)
I've been using this guide for my character this league. I'm currently L83, I'm going through maps without the slightest problem. Uber Lab was a complete joke because of how easy it was; I facetanked izaro and didn't drop below 100% life.
Overall, excellent build. In fact, it's easily the best character I've made to date.
Thanks a lot for the build! Great job!
Note: Mana and life leech on this build is god tier because of our amount of phys damage.
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At First thx for the Build. Sitting now on 5,5k life at lv84 with 45k tooltip in town what do you think your Build is max viable? :)
Sorry for the late reply! Work was crazy the last week or so! Thanks so much for the info. That did a great job of clearing things up for me. I will play around with the options and see what I like best. Thats another thing I like about this build. seems like there is a lot of wiggle room to find what you like because survivability is pretty much a universal build.
Thanks for the feedback! :D

It all depends on what you feel you're missing when you push more content. If you feel you're having trouble staying alive, shoot for more life and better resists. If you feel you are clearing slower, aim for a better weapon, jewels that add +dmg, or +phys somewhere. What do you mean exactly by "max viable"?

I'm glad it helped! Yeah, the build does have a bunch of wiggle room. Experiment with things to fit your play-style. What I've given in the build is reliable and works :).
“As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.”
befor i take "The Surrender" i use https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Daresso%27s_Courage - good +pDPS +block
I'm liking this build a lot so far, but the only bad thing is bestiary: my counterattacks do so much damage and uncontrollably that sometimes I miss the capture! Joking aside, it's a very, very good build and I'm liking it a lot leveling up throughout the game so far.
Loving the build. lvl 60 atm. using tectonic slam instead of sunder, it is doing more damage then static strike, bosses are melting. Oh and I put a endurance charge on melee stun in the link so i always have the + damage to it. Only had issues with the build until I got the spell block passive, now its all easy.
Currently leveling with this build at lvl 50 now, very fun and smooth so far with a lot of defense.
When will you update the build to include tectonic slam? Im thinking of trying it out like some other players in this thread but would like an thread update on hows it going.

Also, big compliments to you for how you've written the guide. Its very easy to follow and to get information quick, great job!
any update recently?

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