[3.6] Low Life Volatile Dead Elementalist Poet's Pen - Guardians/Shaper/Elder/Uber Atziri/HoGM - RIP

Like others, sorry if my answer is buried in the previous answers. How do you get "anger" to work with all the other mana reservation hogs. That's the last piece of my puzzle. Have all equip.
Are there any changes to this build with 3.4 tree?
The tree, changed!
Build is not relevant !! ((
Actually I did a respec and have no issues with the build, still works great.
can you update the leveling and final trees please
Anyone here ? Need some help Optimizing this build


See the Elementalist Ascension nodes.
There is a node called "Mastermind of Discord".
It is ALL about Heralds.
So, if you use Herald of Ash you get 25% Fire Penetration.
Where is the Herald of Ash in this build ?
If you don't use Herald of Ash you are losing this 25% Fire Penetration...
Don't use haste. Use herald of ash...
..I think you waste potential muxo with the witch .. you can have a lot more damage, and facetank all the content without messing up.

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Build is updated
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