[3.2] - Blade Flurry Crit Block Gladiator - 2M DPS - All content viable

You can post a PoB link instead of pictures so can tweak it for ourselves.

Edit: i saw u have it on another section
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How do u get endurance charges? (u have them selected in ur PoB)
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How do u get endurance charges? (u have them selected in ur PoB)

I was using Enduring Cry a while. Then I stopped playing and was busy updating this build. My fault.
I am playing a BF/shield gladiator build very similar to this one. Couple difference.

- I dont take any leech node on tree, no cloth and chain node. Also no unwavering stance. Since the hit i block cant be stun and the block chance is 63% just in ho.
- I take the blade master sword node, since ASP is huge benefit to BF.
- I am using scaeva for some phys leech and mana leech, didn't take 3G due to gem colour restriction. 3G does more dps. But scaeva already can clear t16s. 1G1B1R give me small dps, leech on both life and mana.
- Gem setup for BF is different, I take BF-Increase critical strike-Melee phys-Maim-Con effect-Bloodlust. Bloodlust get trigger by reckoning (no need to for chance to bleed gem, 60+% chance to bleed already). Still testing as not 100% sure of trigger skill work with global bleed chance as intended.
- Surrender shield setup is Life gain on hit + Increase AoE + Endurance on melee stun.
- I am using punishment curse for more phys taken for mobs. Can swap for endurence cry for more defensive setup.
- I am using Soul of arakali proc along with CWDT+Blood rage+ IC.
- I am using 4Link Vaal Double strike for incursion room clear, tough boss bully. Vaal double strike + Increase crit + Maim/Ruthless + Melee Phys.
If I go first, I'll wait for you in the other side of the dark water.
plz help me my dmg is shit....

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