3.1.1e Patch Notes

how about fixing the damn freezes and lag spikes?
Nice. Thx!
Boooooo..... that restriction to rerolls was a good thing for SSF.
How about Oni-Goroshi farm strat? Is this drop once per character now? (after "some changes" https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/7mq6fp/imo_ggg_fucked_up_onigoroshi/drvv8n0/)
Please, write these changes in patch notes.
IGN: ScionWillSaveTheWorld
Still has not resolved the Error 2147024882 which prevents me from playing the game and has ever since the original 3.1.1 patch.
Let's kill things and take their stuff!
Stuttering is very bad. And they are introduced in this patch. My fps constantly in range from 110 to 25. And i never had such problems. Also frw people from guild has same issues with this update.
A patch a day keeps... well... keeps some of us from playing when we want to.
Hello GGG can you please fix the Twilight Temple map sometimes having bugged plates making it uncompletable? im 156/157 on atlas and dont want to bother buying the map if it might just not actually work...
Hopefully the spell echo fix for spectres will come soon too
its nice seeing things get fixed, though not sure the jewel thing needed a fix. But when will this issue in this link get fixed? i have had to deal with this for last couple years, and it has gotten 100 times worse with 3.1 as now it happens with many of the maps, new and old.

Please fix this failed to load issue, so can enjoy the game.


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