3.1.1e Patch Notes

Thanks reddit for ruining another thing.
IGN: Arlianth
Check out my LA build: 1782214
Knee jerk reaction as expected.
Balance is an illusion, exile.
Oh damn.
IGN: StriderX (Delve)
Hi,Qarl.Gratz on 1st update of Poe.But after this patch,players will(perhaps not 100%) enter different instance of another players' hideout when doing trades.You know if you guys are not that busy,will you please investigate into this issue and fix it?
plz remove soul eater from abyss rares
47 MB
download: 12 seconds
install: 24 minutes
how about we fix these random disconnects
Completed 10 ChallengesVersalkul wrote:
Any news about the last unrevealed support gem, that was supposed to be released later in the league ?

Kill City Stalker
any intention to fix the Poet's Pen attack speed near 3.99APS bug?
IGN: @Chek_Leech
Feel free to contact me in game with any questions/bins/bids.

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