3.1.1e Patch Notes

Thanks reddit for ruining another thing.
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Knee jerk reaction as expected.
Balance is an illusion, exile.
Oh damn.
IGN: JerleEQ/RyuKenshin/QuickSilverWander (Abyss)
Hi,Qarl.Gratz on 1st update of Poe.But after this patch,players will(perhaps not 100%) enter different instance of another players' hideout when doing trades.You know if you guys are not that busy,will you please investigate into this issue and fix it?
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plz remove soul eater from abyss rares
47 MB
download: 12 seconds
install: 24 minutes
how about we fix these random disconnects
Completed 27 ChallengesVersalkul wrote:
Any news about the last unrevealed support gem, that was supposed to be released later in the league ?

Kill City Stalker
any intention to fix the Poet's Pen attack speed near 3.99APS bug?
IGN: @Chek_Leech
Feel free to contact me in game with any questions/bins/bids.

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