[3.11] Toasters HC Guardian Support – 12 Auras – Victario's Influence

Hey ty for the guide it's working really well so far.

Just a quick crafting question, what do i do after getting 5%RMR on my amulet with alteration? Augmentation + regal? Only regal? Nothing better to do?
what skills should we level with until level 69?
Vaal disciplin is socketed in boots and disciplin is socketed in shield in the pob? How does that work exactly? Same with haste

War banner is recommended in the guide but in the pob it is not Used.
Where do we put it and what do we replace?

Generally there are some differences from the gem setup in the guide to the pob gem setup, making it somewhat confusing.

Also .. maybe I'm blind, but does it say which items to use for AG?
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is it possible to run this build with a memory vault?
Is this still viable or did the new league somehow break it?
Same question here logically we can do it
Still works fine in 3.12 but it is still very dependant on reduced mana reserved gear and enlighten 3+. I am in the process of getting some cluster jewels to get my final aura up, check my KryBot character.
still good build for 3.13? its not been updated for several leagues now
Not an expert, but FWIW and if anyone needs, here's the 3.13 updated version I came up with this league :

And later on, I did the transition to CI :

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Is this still functioning for 3.13/3.14

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