3.1.1c Patch Notes

When can we FINALLY load into our hideouts right away without having to load the clusterf*** of a town everytime which takes aeons to load for HDD users and almost everytime fails to load in the first instance sending us back to logic screen making us have to log in a second time.

When will Eternal Labyrinth exit after Izaro not send us to TOWN but either back to the lobby in front of the labyrinth where it SHOULD exit us to or our hideout.

When GGG, When, When, When...
I feel like GGG should change the Volatile Dead lab helm enchant from 2-3 projectiles, down to 1-2. Leaving the +2 projectiles mod adds a lot of power and value, to both the skill and the lab enchant. I agree on the nerf down from 3 however, the current power of VD is pretty nutso. Please GGG hear my cries, and just take a moment and think about this real quick.

- The Spice Meister.
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Qarl wrote:
3.1.1c Patch Notes
The Volatile Dead Helmet enchantment that destroyed additional corpses was destroying more corpses than was originally intended.

What was intended instead ?

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