3.1.1c Patch Notes

Completed 4 ChallengesIllsonmedia wrote:
EDIT: Maybe you guys can take a minute to investigate the many bug reports on Poet's Pen attack speed bug when reaching near 3.99 APS. Kinda ruins the ability to min-max the build at the moment.

That's not a bug... that's just math. You go from doing one hit every .25 seconds to hitting before the cooldown is over at .249 seconds. You want your speed to be as close to .25 seconds without going faster, or get your speed down to .125 seconds. D2 had an issue like this with it's attacks too.
The Well Creeper from Abysses fan of blades has been adjusted to do less damage on hit, but still deal full damage when the blades explode.
The first hit the whirling charge used by Threshers and Risen Threshers from Abysses and the Ulaman Lich encounter has had its damage reduced.

did they really need nerfing? I have been doing t13-15's most of the day and their damage imo was right one.. be on point or die. Man how many people whined about this.. zzzzz
Still no bugfix for the disappearing Eradicator guardian? monkaS
Completed 6 Challenges鬼殺し wrote:
Here we go.
Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

i was afected by some of those bugs
too bad eradicator bug isn't fixed though =/
2.4GB Patch Data on Steam?

For what exactly?

after patch:


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Holy crap! This is a huge download for a bunch of bug fixes.
I got the same interesting MTX bugg as kaasu posted...otherwise the patch seems great!

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