3.1.1c Patch Notes

3.1.1c Patch Notes
  • Added one unique item and an associated Divination Card.
  • The Volatile Dead Helmet enchantment that destroyed additional corpses was destroying more corpses than was originally intended. The enchantment will now only be available from the Eternal Labyrinth and all existing versions of this enchantment will be changed so that Volatile Dead can only destroy up to 1 additional corpse, down from 2/3 additional corpses.
  • The Well Creeper from Abysses fan of blades has been adjusted to do less damage on hit, but still deal full damage when the blades explode.
  • The first hit the whirling charge used by Threshers and Risen Threshers from Abysses and the Ulaman Lich encounter has had its damage reduced.
  • Null Portals encountered in Elder-influenced maps have had their life reduced.
  • The number of Kitava's Heralds that can be spawned at once by Null Portals has been reduced.
  • Fixed a bug where Elder Guardian areas could be created at the wrong level.
  • Fixed a bug where players could be capped on Elder- and Shaper-influenced areas, and would have their progress prevented.
  • Fixed a bug where the Echoes of Witchcraft Prophecy could trigger and be consumed without being completable. This prophecy will no longer appear for characters above level 18.
  • Further improvements have been made to the visibility of Abyss cracks.
  • The bounding box for Abyssal Depths entrance has been reduced in size.
  • Fixed an issue where large rats had the incorrect attack length set. This results in a nerf of damage to the Swarming Rat and Overgrown Rat monsters.
  • Improved the visuals of Ancestral Call when used with Ancestral Protector.
  • Fixed a bug where Body Swap could be used to get past quest blocking objects.
  • Fixed a bug where Molten Strike with gloves with an "on hit" enchantment cause desync.
  • Fixed a bug where maps could roll the same mod type twice.
  • Fixed a bug where Strongboxes would not spawn in Lookout maps.
  • Physical Thorns and Elemental Thorns are no longer affected by multiple projectile mods on maps.
  • Fixed a bug with unconnected rooms in the Lava Chamber map.
  • Reduced the frequency with which Quetzerxi could emit lightning projectiles.
  • Fixed a bug with the Lightning Thorns used by Shavronne of Umbra, Prodigy of Darkness, and Gisale, Thought Thief. It both returned lightning damage when hit and also used the new implementation.
  • Fixed a bug where the Labyrinth Darkshrine that gives an extra unique item would not work.
  • Fixed a bug where Spike Traps in the Labyrinth could behave inconsistently.
  • Fixed a bug where the dynamic resolution would sometimes use incorrect profiling information and cause artefacts in resolution adjustment.
  • Fixed various issues with Act 7 quests.
  • Fixed a bug with the display of the Act 9 Storm Blade quest.
  • Fixed a bug where the rewards for the Storm Blade quest would not generate correctly.
  • Fixed a bug with the Imp Haste microtransaction.

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gucci gang

Please work on my div card :(
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Hope it works!
I hope you fixed twinned core issue.
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Better do a knee-jerk nerf to Volatile Dead mid-league!

The enchant is OP just because it does 100% more dmg, making it an absolute BIS required helm enchant for anyone using VD, which is not what we want. I agree.

But it doesn't make VD as a skill any more overpowered than say Molten Strike or even near GC Mine potential...

I think the nerf to the Helm Enchant is justifiable (a little disappointed it was done mid-league, because I like many am now out by a handful of Ex), but I again feel that VD isn't brokenly good. I'd like to see a slight flat dmg buff at higher lvls of the gem. Would be a nice middle ground.

EDIT: Maybe you guys can take a minute to investigate the many bug reports on Poet's Pen attack speed bug when reaching near 3.99 APS. Kinda ruins the ability to min-max the build at the moment.
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Here we go.
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