[3.1] Max block molten strike gladiator, League starter, All content viable

JaredN wrote:
Just tried running uber lab, no issue at all. :)

Good to hear thanks!
JaredN wrote:
Just tried running uber lab, no issue at all. :)

i think you should make a new thread about this build, this thread isn't updated anymore :)
Don’t think it is necessary, base is all here and I just tried to help whoever needed it.

This build is very flexible imo. There isn’t any must have gears except for that amulet and 2 MS jewels.

You can customize it to suite your liking or play style if you want. I’m one of those who don’t follow exactly on the gems setup but I still enjoy it. :)
Here's my take on a dual-wielding, crit claw gladiator focused on MS:
(end game tree)

You can basically fill out the wheel of life and the dual wield 'arc' at the bottom of the duelist area at the very end, the build doesn't require it at all. I just tore up the merc lab without breaking a sweat with only 3.5k life

I use a bloodseeker for the instant leech and a good (read: very fast and preferably with global crit) rare claw with mana and life on hit

This makes me leech in a few different ways, combined to be exceptionally effective:
1) global attack damage leech from both duelist and shadow area
1a) the hits coming from bloodseeker apply immediately (like old VP)
2) life on hit from the rare claw applies to all MS projs and is also instant
3) regular leech speed is increased from duelist area leech nodes

Mana is no problem thanks for mana on hit and the single 0.4% hybrid leech node

I have shite gear (terrible 5L chest) and so far this is one of the best melee builds I've built. Threshold jewels were quest items lol.

Currently using links: MS-WeD-Physical to lightning-multistrike-AC for clearing/melee physical for bosses - when I get a 6L I'll add added fire

Utility gems are:
hatred, HoA, stone golem
CoDT+Molten shell+enfeeble+immortal call
AW+maim+melee physical+added fire
charged dash+faster attacks+fortify

I tried resolute technique first but found that shocking consistently brings much better deeps and a chance to scale the dmg further with better gear while still using bloodskeer. I haven't found the lack of accuracy a problem since you're spewing millions of meatballs all the time anyway.

One of the coolest things about this build is the ability to use all kinds of new mods - like the new added elemental dmg ones or the abyss eye jewels. Lots of stuff to pimp the dmg further.

Would love any criticism/feedback - I'm just getting the claw nodes now in the shadow area and am currently level 72.
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Looks cool.

I like to use leap slam and shield charge together so claw or dagger is not an option for me.

I just switch to soul taker as it is not very expensive and more affordable now. It give me less projectiles compared to grelwood but higher dps plus I don’t have to worry about mana issue.

Aegis shield is not very expensive too and I’m more tankier with it, I can easily facetank elder guardians and izaro is like a joke.

Using ralakesh impatience boot too. It seems to be workout pretty well in this build especially with outmatch and outlast.

My primary gems setup is MS+Multistrike+WeD+AC+Elemental Focus+Conc.

Aura is HoA+Hatred.

Utility is CWDT+IC+Tempest Shield+Increased Durations.

CWDT+Ice Golem+Bloodrage.

Reckoning+CoH+Elemental Weakness.

Movement is SC+LS+Faster Attack+Fortify.

Ancestral Protector+Faster Attack.

I’m lazy so I use the same gems setup for both map clearing and boss fight. :)
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Pushing T13 maps right now. Having no problem

so how is your mapping ? legionfirex and jaredN
have u try guardian or shaper ?
thanks for your reply,

I've wanted to play a 1h+shield block gladiator for a while now and decided to go for Molten Strike as my attack thanks to your thread, dead as you have declared it long ago. Since the start of the league, I've gone through multiple iterations of my build. Some of them were based on your original build, some on ideas of my own, and some on other gladiator shield block builds I've looked at.

I've had no problems whatsoever with any map content. My character is currently unbelievably tanky against anything that doesn't straight up oneshot me. One molten shift click oneshots any usual mob cluster. Bosses used to take some time to kill but after pouring the exalted orbs into my build over the weeks, that has become a non-issue.

The first time I ran into problems was when I first attempted Shaper. My DPS was simply not enough, causing me to keel over unceremoniously during the last phase, and forcing me to re-think some of my decisions. Since then, I've almost doubled my Shaper DPS and intend to attempt him again as soon as I hit 96. I'm willing to claim it will be no problem this time, but we'll see.

You can take a look at my character for ideas if you ended up going with this build and want to try some new stuff. I went for a rather defensive approach but my DPS doesn't feel lacking at all. I've stolen lots of ideas elsewhere and come up with my own crap. For example, the elder jewels offer us a lot of interesting options.

So, even if you abandoned the build in the end, thanks for the ideas, OP.

Edit: I'm still lacking a head enchant (likely never happening) and a dying sun to replace lion's. You're also better off using gripped gloves. I'm not done with my character yet.
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I agree with using malacai aritifice ring, its -37.5% total elemental resistance (socketed with lightning golem, orb of storms or tempest shield)

I don't like the idea of using avatar of fire. No taste of hate + hatred + atziri flask and hatred is better than anger. Even with Xoph's Blood its a very expensive way to gimp your damage for no reason. Not using conc effect for single target leads to more misses, so I recommend having 2b1g3r and swapping multistrike <=> ancestral call, item rarity (no need for inc area) <=> conc effect.

I think the best weapon outside of Mirrored gear is Grelwood Shank, here is the final tree for it (get iron reflexes + Point Blank for other swords). (more life, less jewels tree)

Suggesting Lion's Roar was a mistake on my part. Knockback is bad for MS + again, melee damage scales only initial hit.

Intimidate is also useful from new abyss gloves or belt of the deceiver.

The difference between Varunastra, Ahn's Might and Grelwood Shank is very small (like 380 vs 410 DPS) but Grelwood is much faster for shield charge, has additional projectiles, scales damage better from jewels and allows to allocate two more points from the tree.

Build is complete, common mistake most people are making is using 'melee physical damage' + not picking 'point blank' or 'winter spirit'.

If you're thinking of going dual wield, just go Raider with Dodge, don't bother with Gladiator.

Mathil killed Shaper with weaker builds, I'm sure DPS or survivability is not a problem.

Duelist and Raider Areas are pretty much set in stone, other options of how to travel marauder area or the choice of getting RT or EO are optional. Everything else depends on situation you should figure out for yourselves and min-max in Path of Building. The general rule is that it's better to pick nodes that scale both attack speed and damage, like 'Brutal blade' or 'Blade master' or 'hatchet master', that's it.

Saw other Molten strike builds, its absolutely idiotic not to pick Point Blank, don't make this mistake.
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leakvoid wrote:
I don't like the idea of using avatar of fire. No taste of hate + hatred + atziri flask and hatred is better than anger. Even with Xoph's Blood its a very expensive way to gimp your damage for no reason.

There are many arguments for using AoF through Xoph. Without it I wouldn't go for it, however.
+ Three points saved by not having to convert to cold through the skill tree for full ele
+ With the new elder jewels, Anger essentially becomes Hatred. 2 ex for a +25% extra phys as fire with Anger on top of its usual effect. While Hatred has its on jewels, they are not half as interesting to us.
+ Wise Oak becomes that much easier to fully utilize
+ (Covered in) Ash is amazing
+ A good deal of fire pen from the amulet itself

Even with Taste of Hate, Atziri's Promise and Wise Oak (only fire pen) popped, the DPS with Hatred and Winter's Spirit, and without Avatar of Fire, barely matches that of my current wise oaked DPS with full fire conversion and Avatar. I'm tired and might have screwed something up in PoB, or may be forgetting something critical here, though, so I'll give it the benefit of doubt. Not that that'll sound very convincing anyway if I don't actually post the PoB links.

Additionally, as far as I'm aware, this build is not able to bring shaper or the guardians down with 1-2 all flask uses (and vaal haste), resulting in you fighting them without flasks on for a notable part of the total fight. This is the main reason I went for Avatar. It gives better sustained DPS for long fights.

In the end, though, it's an investment of some 11-12 ex either way since you will want both Xoph's heart and an elder jewel for it. Not exactly the first thing to gear towards.
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