[3.1] Max block molten strike gladiator, League starter, All content viable

Able to solo T14 and did T15 in party. Tried to take elder in red map but that frozen shit really hurt.

At level 90 now, I will attempt again once I made a few changes on my gears and passive tree. I believe I will be able to progress further if I can get hold a Dying Sun flask but it is so f**king expensive in trade at the moment.

My char is still evolving so not able to conclude at the moment.
good ,ty!
Elder in red map down in two man party today, without using Dying Sun and deathless. But I’m too coward to rare and corrupt it. LoL.

I think my build is almost complete, just need to grab a few more life nodes then I’m done. Level 91 now and 4.3k life, tooltip dps is around 26k and 30k with totem up.
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Thanks for all the input guys.

Am I missing something or is there no accuracy needed for this build?
leakvoid wrote:
I agree with using malacai aritifice ring, its -37.5% total elemental resistance (socketed with lightning golem, orb of storms or tempest shield)

I don't like the idea of using avatar of fire. No taste of hate + hatred + atziri flask and hatred is better than anger. Even with Xoph's Blood its a very expensive way to gimp your damage for no reason. Not using conc effect for single target leads to more misses, so I recommend having 2b1g3r and swapping multistrike <=> ancestral call, item rarity (no need for inc area) <=> conc effect.

I think the best weapon outside of Mirrored gear is Grelwood Shank, here is the final tree for it (get iron reflexes + Point Blank for other swords). (more life, less jewels tree)

Suggesting Lion's Roar was a mistake on my part. Knockback is bad for MS + again, melee damage scales only initial hit.

Intimidate is also useful from new abyss gloves or belt of the deceiver.

The difference between Varunastra, Ahn's Might and Grelwood Shank is very small (like 380 vs 410 DPS) but Grelwood is much faster for shield charge, has additional projectiles, scales damage better from jewels and allows to allocate two more points from the tree.

Build is complete, common mistake most people are making is using 'melee physical damage' + not picking 'point blank' or 'winter spirit'.

If you're thinking of going dual wield, just go Raider with Dodge, don't bother with Gladiator.

Mathil killed Shaper with weaker builds, I'm sure DPS or survivability is not a problem.

Duelist and Raider Areas are pretty much set in stone, other options of how to travel marauder area or the choice of getting RT or EO are optional. Everything else depends on situation you should figure out for yourselves and min-max in Path of Building. The general rule is that it's better to pick nodes that scale both attack speed and damage, like 'Brutal blade' or 'Blade master' or 'hatchet master', that's it.

Saw other Molten strike builds, its absolutely idiotic not to pick Point Blank, don't make this mistake.

Excuse me but...where do you get accuracy? from gear? Do you use the spider shield?
Any updates for 3.2 ?
any updates? vids? screenshots? stats?:( pictures?

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