3.1.0 Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

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Neversink making right now new itemfilter on twitch ;)
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No guardian fragments for the Elder fight?
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Epsynus wrote:
No guardian fragments for the Elder fight?

Hmm, that IS odd..
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Yea, mega super duper hype
Bex_GGG wrote:
Carcass Map

Hype intensifies.
Dig map?
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Cataract wrote:
As far as the Shaped Map changes go, can you still use "Shaped" as BaseType to show Shaped maps? Or is this out the window? Would be unfortunate as Filtration doesn't support the new additions and isn't being updated anymore. Even if I manually add the new lines in notepad, saving that file in Filtration will remove them.

Filtration has been updated - https://github.com/ben-wallis/Filtration/releases/tag/0.16
One piece of information is missing for the filter scripts:
Will it be possible to highlight items with abyss sockets? Or will all Stygian Vises and all Abyss Uniques have at least one of those?
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