3.0.2b Hotfix

Nice work and fast
Delve Master Craft Service in Delve SC. My IGN: TreeOfDead
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Delve Masters 8 level Crafting All Service in one thread!
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Master Crafting Service in Delve DSC PM: TreeOfDead
Thx for fixing bugs, but I've got so many "unexpected disconnection" since I got patched 3.0.2.b. There must be something broken codes. I Can't LEVELING.... :(
takes a long time to load textures.
All mobs .... except kintted horrors...
He was wondering if there was a was that i could get my last person deleted back, if so what would it take In Harbinger S/C atm
can u guys fix the bug from "Flicker Strike"...
Nikonist wrote:
takes a long time to load textures.

let your game sit on the login page for 3 minutes minimum.
13 auras, 2 curses (both supported w/ a Lv3 Enhance), 103k armour, LL Shavs (No Chayula Amulet), 7.3k ES

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