3.0.2b Hotfix

We have deployed a hotfix to 3.0.2b:
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.0.2b where monsters that are normally excluded from being spawned by Desecrate were able to be spawned by Desecrate.

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    No fun allowed
    Balance is an illusion, exile.
    YOU LEGENDS TY!!!!!!!!!
    There will be a reckoning!
    yea :) Thanks!
    Impossible to play when every 15 to 17mins it lag spikes. U have to set an alarm to get.out of any instance before it happens. It happens around every 15 to 17 mins.

    Funny a message comes up on logg9ng in that every 15 mins they dc anyone not in instances.

    The game is unplayable when so much so is losevery time you die. you just repeat over.and over and lag and die. so boring I'm so over it.
    This leaves me with a question -

    If I desecrate a particular mob that was my spectre, does it desecrate as zone level or at the level the spectre was/is?

    And... the patch fixed nothing.

    I can desecrate until I'm blue in the face but the spectre mobs I have never spawn corpses - even after purposely letting two different ones die to see if that would alter the desecrate results. Nope.
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    Super happy with the new patch, ty!!!!
    I am happy with the new patch. It has cleared up some problems I was having.

    Thanks GGG!!!

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