I was killed while I was wayporting (As in in the loading screen).

This has happened to me twice now. Both times I could hear the mob hitting my poor char. When the new map loaded I was happy to see my character alive, but then I noticed the lost XP :(

I don't recall where the first place was but the second was going in to the Fell ruins.

happend to me aswell, lvl 59 Rip arrived in Fellshrine used a Tp
had a long loadingscreen arrived dead w/o having the chance to prevent or do anything bout it
that topic was made qutie a while ago, did ggg done anything bout it? i even recognize a guy for a month dying to that

rly thought ur save until ur loadingscreen is over and than u get the 10 sek immunity buff
that seems not the case
rly disspointed to rip due that :/
somehow i wish ppl would care bout it, trying to find solutions or atleast giving us infos bout that they try to fix it

i just lost my 2t char lmao
went thrue the portal after vaal

loadingscreen/freezed, and ripd after i logd in next time
hilarious my pc works fine never had shit like that

well i guess back to d3 LOL

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