I was killed while I was wayporting (As in in the loading screen).

Simply said, I was using a wayport, I found myself at the login screen with "That character is out of your league (and you know it)."
So I get to delete another default league char now.

I should probably clarify a bit. I was at full health at the time I clicked on the actual location. I was going to die rather soon but it would take a bit of time to do so. The point is I died while I should have been removed from the instance.
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We do have this on our list to investiate, but there is no simple solution. Yyou shouldn't actually exist any more once you hit a loading screen. It shouldn't be possible to die here!

Sorry for the loss of your character ;_;
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This has happened to me about 3 x now. I sometimes am auto logged out or the client crashes when I go into a town portal. If there are any monsters with active AI nearby... RIP HC character.
I want to chime in here and say that I too was moved to default league for no apparent reason. There was a crash at a loading screen (while I was waypointing back to base iirc) and when I relogged - poof - not in HC anymore. No death message, no nothing. It feels pretty disheartening.
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If you type /deaths on that character, you'll see that you have died, even tho you didn't see it. Hopefully the area transition will work as intended someday.
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If you could give the location where you think you died, that might help. Perhaps some areas are worse than others.
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Always post a screenshot with /debug command entered into the chat window.

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Joel_GGG wrote:
If you could give the location where you think you died, that might help. Perhaps some areas are worse than others.

Worst areas are Pools & Streams, Maelstrom of Chaos, Crossroads
I noticed something that may be related last night when I was playing right next to my friend.

If he ran up to a door/gate to go to the next zone before me, I could see that his character was still standing in my zone even though on his computer he was already seeing a loading screen.
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i can confirm this and my friend phreeon can vouch for it. it happens to me and as i reported to rory if u die when ur in the loading screen but ur in the old instance u will get an unable to map file exception error and the game will crash to desktop
i get it alot trying to go to vaal ruins and chamber of sins. those are the 2 that are horrible for me. also i still almost garantee when i click on twilight strands from the pyramid always get an exception error and the client crashes

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