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Completed 29 Challengescgexile wrote:
I can't complete the Atlas because of The Hall of Grandmasters. The most I've been ever able to clear was 2 wings. That shit should be removed from the Atlas because the difficulty is fucking retarded. I don't want to pay someone to go in there with Scortching Ray or some shit and do it for me. Just like uber Atziri, it shouldn't be in the Atlas due to it's unique nature and difficulty curve.

Agreed. Out of Atlas, but they of course still have to keep the map available to fulfill their promise to those with character copies there.

However, completing it with help or someone else as a carry/service is an easy process. I know, little comfort to the SSF crowd.
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Let's take a look at which areas are being run the most:
4. The Blood Aqueduct

Can i assume this is an influence of bot-farmers? Because who will farm lvl 61 area instead of end-game maps?

Hey man don't hate on blood aqueducts, its an amazing place to spam farm during league start for tabulas and overlevel before doing a10 kitava.

Even after unlocking maps I go back there for 30-60mins sometimes and spam run it, its really relaxing to completely obliterate that zone and oasis, my enjoyment of the game doesnt completely revolve around getting to high maps and maximizing xP/currency per hr.
I don't like the Lab, but I put up with it because I need ascendancy points -_-

Completed 17 Challengesvjarko wrote:
Grohlvaan wrote:
Completed 17 Challengesvjarko wrote:
Most popular zones ? Always open huge areas. No stats needed. This is valid in all games. Everybody wants more open areas less corridors.

BTW remove most of obstacles in maps. There is a lot of movement skills which are clunky (or does not work) due to obstacles. But this is so obvious that should be fixed years ago already. Have no idea what is wrong with you guys :)

GGG runs a free to play game, and in order for them to fund this free to play game they often need to overlook what might be obvious issues to push out new content to keep their game relevant and popular.

People always expect a lot from GGG, but it's a free to play game and people don't actually seem to understand what that entails.

Free to play game does not mean that the quality must be poor. F2P is just different monetization.
A lot of people stopped playing because of poor quality. If I press some skill and it does nothing because of some internal issue it's bad. Very often some skills are not executed, you have to press same button again. This is not acceptable for me.

So you say, I prefer when I point somewhere, that the skill takes me to exactly where I pointed. If I want to just make a quick escape, use shift.

Ask wanders if they want more open spaces.
I really hate people that just want highway maps. Seriously.
Btw, GGG already stated that they're working on an option to change that by default, like if you want to flame dash without running to the spot, or keep it as it is now.

And yea, having some clutter in corridors isn't poor a poor decision. Or do you live in an empty house?
And about skills not working, you either have your keyboard cluttered with shit, or you're trying to shield charge without a shield.

NOTE: There's a curse that prevents you from using skills, in case you never noticed. I figured you're a D3 player, and seriously, go back to where you came from. I've never read so much retarded shit from one person.

Also "Scrolls are an outdated mechanic" made me laugh my ass off
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Grohlvaan wrote:
Completed 21 ChallengesGorateron wrote:
The avg. time in poorjoys is so high is because the scaling for team play there is absolute garbage. In 6 runs I've been 1 shot 3 times with 10.5k hp by trash mobs... smh

Don't say something for the sake of being salty, party scaling does nothing to monster damage, Poorjoy's is naturally a rippy map as the monsters synergise well together, that an maybe you got a bit to used to being able to facetank normal mobs, either way it's a player mistake not because "the scaling for team play is absolute garbage".

Most likely corpse explosion, which scales with party members as it scales on mobs life, which scales on party members.

I honestly didn't understand the person before claiming you needed a dousing flask in poorjoy as I never felt the need for one on any character, but on the other hand you really feel the need to be able to clear corpses for your own safety.

Completed 17 Challengesvjarko wrote:
Ah damn. I was confused now. Shift is for don't allow character to move. Yes that's pretty common in this kind of games but it's not what I was talking about. So back to flame dash. Walking and then execution is bad design. Much better is execute straight on the max possible range. That's how it should works otherwise is clunky.

shift is for "don't move in range then attack/cast, just attack/cast whether in range or not". And flame dash is an offensive spell with a range, so the mechanics is perfectly normal.
Hey @GGG_Bex,

Are the deadliest zones calculated as a ratio of players killed over number of total players entered, or just raw data of "this zone killed # players?
Thats cool to know about!
Awesome stats!
Seems to be missing the most obvious of all... Beachhead T15
Awesome GGG, keep up the great work!

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