SSF Harb Sunder dump

Character: SSFQ

just posting my stuff. if anyone has any input please post. or questions.

71849 dps
91210 with totem+flask
102000 with ascendancy buff on pots.

8second onslaught :D
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interesting drop
how much life do you have? not much on gear..
POE is life. POE is ♥.
just about 4k now. still comfortable in t7 t8 maps
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No jewels in your tree?
Sorry, here they are. All crafted and in that order. got stupid lucky with the first two.

Got a tainted yesterday from zana which was a nice boost to 86. wep is still stuck. Now im working on gear optimizing since im doing fine in t8 t9. that will free up a few passive points.

I need to collect uber trials too so any i see ill do. 3 are down.

Going to swap out that conc i was leveling with leapslam for a maim gem, get a small damage boost while i get my fort from bosses.

Chancing granite flasks for lions roar and thinking about gold amulets for biscos since that seems to be the go to for non ssf play.
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was doing a random blue villa for the atlas when these guys dropped =|

then 2c, a gcp, and a few ex shards.

doing a push to 87 then some more higher atlas pushing. i forgot about those orbs that change a map to one of the same tier, saved me a lot of hassle
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found a king of ssf gear =|

got elron to 7 last night so full hideout. zana hit 6 today.

went ahead and reset stupid bandits. i had oak, went with skill points now. need that 30 int node bad.

new ring fills some good stuff i need. sitting at 123 102 127 res. might fix the belt slot, i dont like being close enough to intimidate...

still working on a new mace. that will be the biggest upgrade right now.
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got to 90% of 88 without trying... now that i want to level ill die a ton

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