[3.2] Zerphi EA Pathfinder - Instant Heal / Magic Find / HoGM / PvP

Is possible to play this build without Zerphir? I wanna run tons of HoGM with a support friend(Guardian).
If yes,what i have to change? I mean about tree,gems etc
Last edited by AlterAkto on Apr 12, 2018, 7:00:49 AM
Does this Build Prfit from Elemental Damage with Attacks on items and Burning Damage?
Is the build gone with the nerf to Zerphi and the following increase in price? Or do you reckon a 600 % one will be fine for next league?
Hello, thanks for your guide, but I don't understand how your arrow can pierce mobs. I don't any mod "arrow pierce target".

Can you explain me please ?
yeah, had to price check Zerphi before exping a character on that build...

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