[3.3]Elemental spectral throw pathfinder, good endgame and maps farmer

what is wed? also did you mislabel the leveling trees because i'm almost at level 70 but i'm still counting 5 extra points?
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It's my gear and gem.


What can I change at a low cost? unfortunately, with what I have, I am falling down every now and then.
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Привет, билд будет работать на 3.4?
Ибо столкнулся с сильными проблемами во время прохождение сюжетки.
Урона просто 0. К 6 акту стало по легче после взятия нодов на урон и на когти, но всё равно как то слабо.
Просто хочу узнать, стоит ли продолжать тратить время на этот билд, раскроет ли он себя в лейт гейме?
I am trying out your build and i have one question.

Why dont you convert some phys if not all to lightning? Is there a specific reason for this :) ??
Hmm i find it funny that you promote the pathfinder as being stronger than the raider..due to the flash setup..and then you link to a video of your friend as a raider, that clearly hits way harder than you (even though your gear is crazy good)...it makes me question wether youre wrong about pathfinder being better...

all in all a fine guide :)

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