Hotfix to 3.0.1

Thanks a ton!
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I tought the problem is in my laptop
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Completed 1 ChallengeMarikhen wrote:
Aw, I'm almost gonna miss getting 300+ error messages after leaving the client running for 6-8 hours. Almost.

... Naaahhh!

ctrl - shift - esc all at once to open task manager and then end task the process = error messages be gone for this time :D
Completed 11 ChallengesScryer16 wrote:
I tought the problem is in my laptop
I thought it was my recent CPU overclock. Good to know it's not that!

Just kidding, it was very obvious that they were debugging messages and not actual crashes/exceptions. They just forgot to turn off all the debugger stuff when compiling the update.
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Cheers for the fix. :)
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Good, hopefully you'll have the bandit option for old chars fixed soon.
...and stay dead!
Idk what happened I patched the hotfix but the Exception Error on Startup of the client still persists.
Thank you! I thought it was just my install...
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Still lacks DX9 optimization T_T

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