Audio Suggestions.

Apologies if someone mentioned this already - but please, add audio narration to the books in the library and archives, and maybe Vaal letters too! It would improve the experience a lot!
*BUMP* Please add a minion sound effect toggle in audio options, as it is often difficult to hear other things over just the zombie army feet, let alone the skeleton shuffle, raging spirit... groaning?, spectre noises, etc. Thanks!
"A wise man once said: He who speaks with a sword has a cutting wit and gets to the point quickly."
Just a thought -- how about level up voicework beyond level 30? Now that the core story will take Exiles up to roughly level 70, a few more significant milestones could be marked with appropriate declarations of awesomeness.
3.1.1d patch note incoming:

Fixed a bug that caused the unique Oni-Goroshi to deal damage.

Not checking this account; message The_Scourge instead.
I will as always request the same thing - mono sound option. pls.
Can we differentiate chat sound alerts and in-game sound effects in the options menu? I'm stuck between not being able to notice PMs and having my eardrums assaulted with the sounds of various explosions, shots and slams brought on by people who fail to use their words when trading.

I understand that we want to be different to "that other game that I dare not mention by name" but I promise, it can only have a positive outcome.
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Andrew_GGG wrote:
If you have any ideas to improve the audio post them here!

I needed to qouote you, so you see this.

The new PlayAlertSoundPositional option for loot filters is a great and very usable idea. But with the current implementation it is not usable in practice. The loot drop volume should be constant. If an item drops too far away it is barely audible in the current beta implementation. If you run too far away a sound can even get cut up completely.

As I stated the volume needs to be constant and the sound must play the full length, but the positioning is very useful.

Furthermore this option is obviously not working as it should be (bugged) at the moment. When changing zones the drop sounds disappears sometimes.

Here's proof:
Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
As someone who just got the Voidgate portal, it feels extremely jarring that there's literally zero sound when you open it. It looks absolutely amazing, and I really like the quiet sound it makes while open. It just feels so incredibly weird and underwhelming every time I open a portal that I can't see myself actually using it even though I like it the best.

I feel like having literally any sound effect for the portal opening would be better than what we have now. Please save this portal for me. I will love you forever. The complete silence every time I pop a portal back to town is too much to bear.
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I think it would be nice to enable random character phrases upon rare monster kill while playing in party. I always wondering why is it disabled, anyway character's phrases is only can be heard by character owners, not by party members.
But those phrases are amazing and funny.

Also it would be great if music change in boss fights in act 6-10 on some bosses like Tukohama or other minor gods, and at the maps bosses.
Andrew_GGG wrote:
If you have any ideas to improve the audio post them here!

Somebody probably asked for this before, but here I go: change the "Mute when in background" so it's not an all-or-nothing. Add a tick box under or by every volume slide to mute that particular sound when the game is in the background. The current functionality would be asociated to the Master slide.

That way if I switch to the browser mid map to check something and some adventurous monster comes from beyond the screen to attack me I'd notice, or I could wait for a friend to finish a map while listening to music or reading something online and still get the chat notification... all while not hearing neither the game's music nor ambient sound.

I hope you like the idea, I think it would be really functional!
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Please consider adding 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound support.


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