[3.6] LNB's Uber Lab Warchief Totem Champion - Great League Starter!

sasha2x8 wrote:
hey guys maybe i dont understand anything, but how can i use Vaal Ancestral Warchief totems if there are souls to be get from killing mobs before using it?

Your regular totems will fill the souls needed for Vaal totems. ( Vaals gems come with their regular spell alltogether in one gem so you can still use regular gem when the vaal side is not up )


On the note of the Budjet version prices, to be honest this build work very well even with 4 or 5 links, just buy the cheapest Kondo or Starforge you'll find - with strong stats tho - and try your luck a bit. I brought a 1 slot Starforge for 1 ex exactly 1 week ago, 5L it with my lil' hands and it's doing great i'm near 71k+ damages on my tooltips rn while I'm learning how to go to shaper/elder. You won't even need 6L Kondo's/SF to do maps fast and clean, that's for sure :)
Same for the Belly, if it have good stats it's ok, this build work without multiples 5 or 6 links, just need one either on your chest or weapon.

My old Kondo's, still 4 Links ( I 5linked my Belly so it wasn't needed to get a 2nd 5 link at that moment) vs my SF from 1slot to 5link :

There is some 470+% Phys Attack damage SF for 1ex right now on trade, not perf roll that's for sure but eh, it's decent ;)

Plus, Lift never said that 6L was mandatory at all, in POB you put 6L cause of convenience ( iirc his POB weapon are full green slot so... yeah, don't rely blindly on POB ? )

Uber Lab Farming:

- 5000-6000+ Life
- 75%+ to all elemental resistances
- 5-link +
- 35.000+ DPS per totem
- Avoid Essence + Conduits if the lab has those buffs that day. You can deal with 1, but not both at the same time. At least not without too much risk.
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poster180 wrote:
well I did my first uber lab, got one shotted but next one after I finished I took the last ascendancy passives and now it's a total breeze. I did 5 runs and got Inpulsa's Broken heart (currently 4.4 ex in league) .. guess a lucky char.

I've been reading lately that people say they don't get enough dps even after spending more than an exalt. I am sitting at around 46k in hideout with a single totem out, around 160k (without accounting for the vaal totems) with the modifications adding ancestral protector with multiple totems skill gem, and I have invested less than an exalt in this character because the league has been horrendously dry so far. My suspicion is you guys aren't prioritizing properly. The first thing you need is a six link. Unless you have luck or amassed currency, don't buy a six-link kondo, but a dirt-cheap armor. Mine went for 10 chaos. Buy a well-rolled kondo, doesn't matter if it has only one socket, you will socket and link it yourself. My ancestral warchief setup is the one in the six link, and the ancestral protector one is still in a 4 link. Once you have the 6 link and a kondo, I would recommend you save for a Devoto's. The movement and dexterity will favor you best, and they come pretty cheap. Leave bloodgrip and perseverance last and focus on getting good resistance buffers in rings and boots,a s well as intelligence (gloves, if you're not using uniques, though I recommend you do if you're planning to tackle endgame). once your resistances are sorted out, get the Perseverance. It will add movement speed and even more attack, as well as a good chunk of cold resistance. That's where I am right now.

Coming next, save for the big spending. If you're not using the Ancestral Protector modifications, get the 6 link Starforge first, and then Kaom's Heart. If you're running with Ancestral Protector, then it's safer to spend in resistance rings and boots, which will also need intelligence stat added. After that, a Loreweave seems to be the best option, then the Starforge. If you're wondering about the gloves, as long as you have resists stacked in rings and boots, you can use Verusso's Battering Rams, which are dirt cheap, and Shaper's Touch for endgame. Anyway, if you guys have any other ideas regarding this prioritizing or other unique options for gloves, let me know!
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Big dumb here.
Why do we use multiple totems support? Isn't the 40 - 21% less damage a huge dip in dps? Maybe I'm unsure of how the mechanics of multiple totems works?
Big dumb here.
Why do we use multiple totems support? Isn't the 40 - 21% less damage a huge dip in dps? Maybe I'm unsure of how the mechanics of multiple totems works?

I was actually thinking it myself, as far as I remember LNB used 2 totems (not 4) to fight with bosses

Glad to hear man. Yeah, the first run can be rough but once you have permanent fortify/onslaught things are super easy.

The lab is basically a money printer. I'm at like 20ex profits from helm enchants this season. Excellent way to fund your end game character if you don't want to keep using totems.
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chairfight wrote:
poster180 wrote:
Mentoya wrote:
I looked at his character when this was posted and his tree looked pretty close to Lifting's, and of course his gear that he showed....He probably re-rolled once he got to level 92...I'm only on level 52, but crushing everything so far. So lifting is correct, this build is still stronger than ever!!! Looking forward to having an end game build that I can kill Shaper with and invest in some high end gear and take down Uber Elder....Very easy league starter that can take you all the way to end game!! I've run this build several times and there has never been content I haven't been able to crush....thanks Lifting!

well good luck, I spent like 4 ex already on gear and I'm nowhere close to 35k dps per totem, currently I'm stuck at 17k. His budget version in pastebin is like 10 ex+, so. Don't know yet whether I will be even able to run uber labs, on top of that I dont consider it nowhere as league starter with no currency at all.

Duuuuuude, this post seems way off base. You're right on the damage piece. In-game tool tip for me with sub-optimal gear is nowhere near the 90k he quotes in the build guide for the top tier content. However even with my sad little 23k dps per totem I'm able to do red tier maps and clear the uber lab insanely fast.

His budget build is not anywhere near 10 ex+! It's like maybe 1ex. You're exaggerating a lot here. It's using Kondo's, Devoto's, and a Belly. That's about 50c. The amulet and belt are just a couple of chaos each and you just need a few rares with nothing but life and resists to round this out which you should be able to easily get for 20-30c. You can even run this without belly and the devoto's when you're starting out to knock the price down to like 1/2ex for your league start until you can afford the uniques.

I've run this for three leagues in a row as a starter build and have been able to get all of the gear needed for the budget version in the first couple of days of the league start with just some found currency while leveling to 75.

You also say that you don't think you'll even be able to run uber labs? Come on man... At least try rather than speculating. You have a starforge as your main weapon. You'll be able to breeze through the uber lab.

I 100% vouch for this as a starter build and I recommend it to anyone that's getting into Path for the first time.

So, where is THE BUDGET, HUH?
Check 4 urself, budget my a....
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6 link is like perfect dps option. Uber can be easily and quickly done on a 5 link. Jewelers Touch prophecy are about 20c
The guide doesn't even say a 6 link is necessary for uberlab...
For you guys saying you're nowhere near 90k with the original setup, I did so last league. Got to around 88k without any good jewels in tree. It's possible, and even more so if you use the Ancestral Protector setup. of course, such a config requires investment. I'm thinking... around 9-15 exalts.
KopaKabana wrote:

So, where is THE BUDGET, HUH?
Check 4 urself, budget my a....

Yo dude calm down. SF - even 1 slot - is presented on the " Expensive version " of the build, so what are you even talking about ?? Man, maybe read a bit the build and PoB before going full crazy ?

You want a full budget version ? Go Kondo's, as said in the build pres.
Oh, also, 6 link isn't even mandatory, as said in the build pres.
OP have 2 items 6 linked, wow dude... maybe he's on the late-late game and he's min/maxing his build ? This have nothing to do with the budget version of the build.. This build work really well with a 5L, as said in the build pres.
What's the price of a Kondo's 5L - more than enough for mapping - ? ~10/20 c. Budget, as said in the build pres.

I just don't understand a bit of your nonsense here, chill a bit and read the build / PoB again, please.
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