[3.9] Windz's Generic Miner Sabo (Arc/Pyroclast focused)

TheTuf wrote:
Your passive tree link in PoE Planner is starting with the Phys and Chaos damage nodes but in PoB you have chosen the Elemental Damage nodes.

Which one should be better? I dont know how to use PoB that much so any idea will be appreciated.

They're basically identical I believe as we're converting phys to elemental already. The only advantage I see is taking the phys nodes for the base life as opposed to the base ES.
I can confirm! I've been doing his build for about a week. Much better late game than ziggy tremor rod build. 35k tooltip atm with life gear. Fast easy mapping and easy uber lab clear.
Is Obliteration an alright wand to level with / use until you can get a rare dagger?
Going to switch from Ziggy's buildpath to windz since it seems to be better, and will finally try to get a dagger and shield combo rather than tremor.

Anyone else do the same and can report back with results? Won't be able to afford the helmet enchant yet so will likely just buy hrimsorrow gloves for the pen.
what 2nd jewel should i use?
Been doing gc mines with tremor rod; its a pretty solid budget choice, especially if you dont have a 6link chest and dont have enough currency for a good dagger/sheild combo. I've been using lightning warp for mobility, and though its not better than shield charge its definitely better than running around and allows me to use kaoms roots.

To be fair, I haven't tried any high level content yet but I'm doing all right in t10 so far. Next step is to try and tackle uber lab and some higher tier content. Feel free to look at my character page, name is SwiftWinter. If you guys have any tips for my character go right ahead and let me know.
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On PoB it seems that the aspd on dagger is not impacting dps, can you confirm? In that sense cast speed would be better as it affects trap mine laying speed?
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Mels888 wrote:
On PoB it seems that the aspd on dagger is not impacting dps, can you confirm?

Ya, the aspd on the dagger is for the faster shield charge, its basically more for quality of life.
Is it possible to make this build viable as pathfinder? Or the damage loss more then the def gain.
Just glancing at your tree and comparing it to mine (Ziggy D) and it's atleast like 30 respec points, anyone change from Ziggy's to this and have any opinions on the skill tree alone?

Still trying to find a spell dagger and shield similar to yours, rest of the gear with the enchants seem somewhat expensive too but will try to just get hrimsorrow gloves instead of the helm enchantment for now and go from there I guess.

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