Second Hotfix for 3.0.0b

even more crashes from changing areas after this patch :(
GGG can we please get a statment about constant unexpected disconnects when changing areas?

A lot of people are having this issue yet we still dont know if you know about it and trying to fix it...

Chris have said that you will have a better comunication with the users so far i dont see it.
Still crashing on loading screen (with dx9/9ex) :'(
Can you fix the Harbinger "mechaninc" in maps please? It gives way too little reward, and you should disable the low tier shard drops when encountering it in maps, the transmute shards etc.
Please, hotfix last boss quest not fulfilling after killing him
I've gotten a double-digit number of crashes out of POE since 3.0 landed. When I crash, the program usually hangs and the screen goes blank (or black) and I often have to reboot my computer.

I have a new computer and it has not crashed for any other game (or program). It's difficult to believe that it's anything other than a POE issue. I've had three reboots today alone after the recent patch, during a fairly brief playtime interval.

It's unfortunate. Hopefully whatever's happening gets found and fixed.
Critical skills for an emperor include military expertise, diplomacy, and judgment about justice / economy. Skill at running trap gauntlets is about as helpful for an emperor as race car driving skills are for a pediatrician.

Lore for lab takes dumb job interview questions to a whole new level.
Fix que Bandit Rewards quest, Eramir not giving option to choose other bonus of the quest.
Can we please have an ETA to when these fixes are coming to the Steam version?
Have crashes at: load screen after selecting character, any area change load screen to include going back to town, and while actually playing (if I make it there). The crashes happen literally every time I try to get on and come with a black screen that requires me to restart my computer.

Not trying to complain, just want you guys to have all the info you need to fix.
i cant finish my challenge the harbinger unique boss is not counting
Every Class 100
Discord Fyndel#8812 if u cant catch me online in Poe

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