The Fall of Oriath is Now Live!

When will you put the Harbinger supporter packs up? :D Thank you, and LOUIE!!!!!!!
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Maybe they want to improve the packs (I hope)?
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I can’t buy any more big supporter packs because the forum only supports showing 7 legacy tags.
Make a $120 pack
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Crash, Crash, Crash and Crash again. Ok, lets try one more time. Guess what, crash again. :(
Please please please fix these constant disconnects. After downloading fall of oriath for 8 hours, I finally was able to play. But now I realise that the well known disconnect-during loading-screen-Beta-issue has become even worse. I managed to reach act 2 before giving up (having disconnected around 30 times). While in beta I simply disconnected to the login screen, now the entire game crashes and then upon restarting the game crashes several times more. I spent the last 20 minutes trying to reach the chambers of sin level 1 from the crossroads waypoint. the game crashes during chambers of sin loading screen. then crashes several times upon restarting. then crashes when trying to connect to forest encampment. then crashes again upon restarting. then crashes again during chambers of sin loadin screen. this is no minor issue.
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Was a rough start, though not worse than a typical launch/big patch day in my experience. Running great for me now and I'm enjoying the new league and game improvements.

Thanks for all your work GGG!
I had a few problems late afternoon my time, but i just waited. I got in about 6:00 Pm and it was smooth sailing all evening. Great work GGG.
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Big Gratulations to GGG. What a Monsterpatch. Thank you for this great Game. *open the Champangner* Skol :)

huncasblack wrote:
Crash, Crash, Crash and Crash again. Ok, lets try one more time. Guess what, crash again. :(

Never play on a Patch Day. ;)
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So 11 hours ago 3.0 was supposed to launch. Say I believe you and it did.

How come the client crashes on loading screen each time I try to enter the game?

And don't tell me it's my rig. PoE run like a charm until the realm came down for patching and you fucked up whatever you did.
left it for update since yesterday night, it timed out, and now it checking resources for the last hour and a half?
please, cheapen the wing prices !
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