The Fall of Oriath is so close now! This expansion launches alongside The Harbinger League in less than 14 hours as of the time of this news post. The studio is buzzing right now and we can't wait to see what you think of the work we've done. In the meantime, this news post has the information you'll need to know about what happens on launch day.

The realm goes down and patching begins at: Aug 04, 2017 1:00 PM (EDT)
The servers go live at: Aug 04, 2017 4:00 PM (EDT)

The above times are displayed in your local time zone. If these automatically converted times seem wrong due to timezone shifts, just disregard them and use the actual countdown on the front page of the website. Three hours before the countdown ends, the realm will go down and patching will begin shortly after. When the countdown ends, the realm will become live and the battle can begin!

The patch size for the expansion will be around 7.1GB. We've also made a torrent available for this update. Please keep in mind that this method, while available earlier, makes it a larger update as it includes all the existing client content. When patching begins for 3.0, you'll also have a few remaining files that you need to update to.

You can find the torrent here. This torrent only includes the GGPK file, so you'll need to copy it into your actual install folder once the patching server is up, no earlier than three hours before The Fall of Oriath launches.

The Extra Character Slot sale is already running but will be up for another day still just in case you need more character slots to get started in the Harbinger Leagues!

If you're not able to play the game on the day, be sure to check out our community streamers on Twitch! Good luck everyone! See you at launch!
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Grinding Gear Games
Yay for 6am starts... -_-

Bex can I paste the Beta files and save a 7gb download?
Ascension tied to Lab is the worst thing GGG has done...apart from GGG's philosophy on Trading. Oh and Gambling Loot boxes. And selling out to tencent.

I used to love GGG. I supported to ensure GGG remained independent, now I just wish I could get my money back. -_-
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first page hype!
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My ready is body guys!!
good luck with the launch!

edit: also thanks for making the torrent happen!
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Cant wait. First Page!
Almost time for 3.0. :D
Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
- raics, 06.08.2016

not ready for this

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