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On Balance Feedback and Charge Changes

TreeOfDead wrote:
Charges not balanced at all, endurance charges useless and weak compared to other.


Nothing more to say.
diablokiller1 wrote:
Nerfs are a good thing.

All previous OP builds must be nerfed. ES was OP. Kill it, make people play Life.
Assasin was op -> kill it


And i am not being sarcastic.
Why nerf assassin ??? double dip is gone + poison is weaker from its used to be !!!!
I disagree with nerf assassin from previous leagues statistic you can see how many ascendancy people choose for assassin and how poorly for changes with poison nodes from previous version also double dipping is gone, If its changes its will make this class dying because benefits from crit.chance/multipliy with power charges will apply to all poison mechanic so people will not play Assassin for poison build forever .
About crit-cap it just choice that depends on player style because mostly crit build are high budget like ele-build but for assassin power charge is benefit for this class so its should be things that people who play assassin choose it right?
But for Change for Charges i'm fully agree to make its more balanced especially for frenzy its make all builds a lot faster so i think just drop down a little bit speed/value of its and for some changes for endurance charge to make it more value to use it like for tectonic slam right now. For spell caster may need a little buff with power charge for spell like cast speed maybe i think . Anyway hope you guys agree with me :D
Yeah nerf everything until we have only % Life and % Damage nodes and the build diversity become 1. Oh and naturally you feel no shame about it!

Currently 1-2% of the players play with assassin. So you have to nerf it more because somebody play with it yet. Assassin never were the most played characters but sure not in 2.6.

Before 3.0

After 3.0
This is your balance!

Chris change your design, balance and QA team. It will be better for everybody...

And we reached the point the life nerf. Why would anybody need thousands of it if 1 Life is exactly more with 1 life, than what you need to stay alive?

Look at this video Chris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm8rKtv33Yg

You see Life is overpowered 1 Life is far enough!
In next patch note i wanna see the "Maximum life from now is 1." sentence.
You nerfed the energy shield and i made a decision. I will build fully on damage. Why would i need life or ES if 1 life is more than enough oh and dont forget the ascendacies which give you 100% reflect protect so like i said 1 life is more than enough! You pushed the domino with VP and ES nerf!

Thats everything what your **** team could create. An unbalanced ****.

Chris wrote:

We make this game for you guys, so if you don't want the change, we aren't going to force it in purely to solve long-term problems.

So the most players want the ES nerf? Then the most players played life builds no? Then what was the reason you killed the most CI builds? Oh your QA players playing in hardcore and they find it strong? And this is the reason for you guys to nerf those builds too which dont have 10k+ ES? The hardcore builds? And what about the softcore ones? Only 1 technical changes would have a huge impact on ES without nerf all ES builds. "Above 10k life and energy shield the increases 50% less effective." or something similar. Example if you would have 20k ES, then you would only 15k. I never cared about yellow items and i will never be more because of ES nerf. I always loved to build around uniques. So if you wanna start to change the game then go back in time and create the game without them. And from then like a briandead idiot i will build the same 0 unique mechanic rare gear builds like everybody else.

Rory wrote:
We've seen characters reaching over 25,000 Energy Shield while still having the damage output to sufficiently complete all of the content in the game, compared with the 9,000 Life that a very heavily invested Life character with perfect items could reach.

Here is your overpowered ES builds from before nerf:



And weak life builds:



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