The Fall of Oriath Release Date and Trailer!

IGN: HardyHard_FireFly

Big thx GGG for this great game :)
Imaginaerum wrote:
Delzeed wrote:
The 2 week heads up kind of sucks for people who wanted to take time off from work to nolife a bit during the 3.0 release.

The game will still be there when you get off work..

Oh really? Thanks for going out of your way to miss my point...
Ah can't wait for summer vacation on the beautiful shores of Wraeclast...
date on legacy league ending?
sidtherat wrote:
two weeks to balance it out.. i exect yet another league of 'something trully broken', next broken OP unique flask and in general an unfinished product..

i wonder if the beta made any sense (other than free money) - significant majority of the playerbase rushed to the endgame that wasnt there because endgame balance is not there yet, there are no new skills, no new uniques - you know, the stuff that actually NEEDS testing. otherwise we get Vinktars and blade flurry and vortex and several other failures from the past

I'm also starting think the BETA was really just a money making exercise. I doubt very few players actually tested anything. The new skill Charged Dash wasn't tested at all in BETA and could easily be broken like Blade Flurry.

As for the trailer it looked excellent and I felt a buzz of anticipation. Was I tripping or something? I'm sure I saw some dinosaurs in this trailer.
Hype !!!
golan4840 wrote:
date on legacy league ending?

Most likely the 1st of August, they already announced they would give us two days time to sort out our stash before the new league starts.
GGG: Don't deploy Act 8 for beta on a friday to prevent problems.
Also GGG: Deploy problematic MTX System on friday
Also GGG: Deploy huge update with massive new content for live on friday
So, basically, we were told what skills will do content in this patch: Molten Strike, Earthquake, Spectral Throw, Reave, Ice shot and Storm burst. Sorry for you other builds, ha-ha - just kidding. But seriously, it would be nice to see more spells in this trailer.
Ascendancy is the best Path of exile update since 1.0 and Labyrinth is the best optional content so far.
Great Job Guys!!!

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