The Fall of Oriath Release Date and Trailer!

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fatb0y3 wrote:
Why's there going to be a Challenge League that goes alongside probably the biggest expansion in the games history? Just give us Path of Oriath so we can enjoy that and not pound on more content than neccessary.

If there is no new challenge league players will be done with the content in like 1 or 2 weeks and then it'll die, with no economy, no player base and no challenge!

Of course it is necessary the style of leagues for many players, but you do not have to be so severe with standard, has a huge player base, and besides the economy is not as bad as you want to show, for a normal player the economy of Standard is similar to the economy of a league with a month out.

I am sorry if it sounded like that, what I meant was for players like me who only play challenge leagues, there will not be much to do with expansion after a week or two without challenge league.
Regarding having a challenge league for 3.0 (disclaimer: i only read the last couple message on this), we don't know what's in it, and there may or may not be specific mechanics.

I'd say it'd be better if there is no specific mechanic and that mechanics wise, as indeed, considering the size of this expansion, there is no need for specific mechanics for the first league.

However, in any case, a challenge league is indeed needed with the usual challenges related to fall of Oriath, for, well, the challenge. There will of course be the usual suspects among those, like "use those vendor recipes", "kill those exiles", "kill uber atziri", "kill shaper", "complete those endless end game grinds".

And a challenge league is also required to have the option to play 3.0 in a fresh economy and not be forced in standard, where most league players would not be able to really enjoy the expansion.
as for perfomance, at beta client i have fps spikes from 300-400 fps to 50 every 5-10 sec... (just moving, every effects off). This problem is appear only for beta game client. On current stable game client i have a spikes to 50 fps only once a minute, not a 5-10 sec like in beta.. it's way smooth compare to beta game client.

I hope at the release date you will make something to fix this fps spikes..

thank you!

Btw, config:
1) windows 10 64 bit, directx 11 beta
2) cpu intel 4770k
3) gpu - nvidia geforce 780 gtx
4) Intel SSD
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Please include a full party gameplay in the trailer next time around :)
Once more, thank you for this awesome game. There are tons of things that need changing and balancing, but who cares. Everything will come in time..
Again, thank you for your hard work on pleasing your community.
Stay awhile... and listen.
Not one ES build in trailer. ha............ (sad face)
Best trailer GGG!
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Cool, will be good to have another look at the game!
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So, I take it there will be new supporter packs for the deployment of the next league.
I need moar points, and my wallet aches to be unleashed, but I don't really want the Beast Supporter pack...
Grant us eyes.
Pretty hyped for 3.0
fuck ya dude
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