Spelling mistakes and typos

There's a full stop missing at the end of the map-mouseover description of Sceptre of God. 'hubris'
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When playing shadow and going to kill Brutus piety tell you "would that i could observe you move closely"
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Prophecy description typo -> while


Same goes for the Fire and Brimstone prophecy: You will defeat Hatebeat whle wearing Blackgleam.

(also, I'm not sure if the wording is correct or precise enough: Wearing Blackgleam in second weapon slot doesn't trigger the prophecy. You have to...wield it?)
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The Lani dialogue written for Utula after you've killed him is completely different from what is said just fyi. The first paragraph is fine but there's one paragraph after where there should be three.
The "Ascendancy Classes" help page has two almost identical paragraphs, the difference is in a few words.

The Charged Dash skill gem doesn't work with Unarmed, yet it isn't written in its gem description. (It only says that its Melee.)
In the Help Panel - Glossary - Hideout:
An area owned by the player than can house ...
Should be *that* can house ...

The 'Vendor Recipes' help page shows that a 6S item will vendor for 7 jewellers, but the wording states that it will only return one.
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When you capture the Herald of Thunder for the Pantheon system, it says that its the Herald of Ashes


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