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Thank you guys so much for seeing reason on this piece and listening to player feedback. I know a lot of people look at this as a tiny issue, and I suppose on some level it is. But it involved core story and coherence and world-building and that's what I love about this game. It's fun to play, sure. And that matters. But diving into this world, peering at the tiny pieces that collectively bring Wraeclast to life.....Fidelitas was part of that. Breaking his story for some trivial convenience was a betrayal of the world that was built, and this is a step back in the right direction. Good job, GGG; keep this integrity, this world, and this community together with similar focus.
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Thanks GGGood Guys. <3
While this is more of a VA issue, the line the Scion says when entering The Climb sounds wrong to me:

"My heart beats faster, my breath shorter. Up there, something is waiting for me."

Does the Scion's breath beat shorter? While an argument can be made for that phrase being poetic, I feel this would be more accurate/sound better:

"My heart beats faster, my breath draws shorter. Up there, something is waiting for me."
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Rhys wrote:
[Edit] We're changing it back. Huzzah!

And the one person who should feel better about this news, just doesn't.

I've never had to coerce GGG before. Maybe I didn't have to this time. But it sure as fuck felt like it.

I'm not ready to come back yet. :(
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I know your standard is NZ spelling, so:





This goes for strongboxes AND foils.

Oops, almost missed these. Thanks!

the line the Scion says when entering The Climb sounds wrong to me

You're right. Hopefully we can fix this one when we get the VA back for Act 4.

I've never had to coerce GGG before. Maybe I didn't have to this time. But it sure as fuck felt like it.

It was the surprising and sizable flood of player feedback here in this thread that did it. Sometimes, we make mistakes and don't even realize it until you guys let us know. So thank you.
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While we don't know who actually made the change to Fidelitis (and it's probably best that we don't), if it was not a writer then i encourage everybody who is a part of writing the Lore to hold a very firm stance against retconning things. You wrote them the way they were for a reason.

I'm glad to see that GGG is changing it back to Fidelitas
Rhys wrote:
Wow, I had no idea you guys cared so much about this.

I seem to have misspoken (mistyped?) earlier, or at least given the wrong impression as to the costs of rerecording the VA. It's not that we need more money, it's just not really worth it, because we can get so much more bang for our buck by spending that money elsewhere.

Sometimes, we simply have to think about how much improvement to the game we are getting per dollar. The system isn't perfect - neither is the game - but we need some way of deciding when to stop polishing and move on.

Anyway, I've emailed the relevant persons in charge. We'll see what happens. I hope it does change back, though.

[Edit] We're changing it back. Huzzah!

Raycheetah wrote:
"So, you killed A granddaddy crab?"

This text has already been fixed to match the VA, hasn't it?

Raycheetah wrote:
"...All THESE people consumed by Merveil and her brood..."

Fixing, thanks.

I am ecstatic to see this has been fixed. It had been quietly churning in the back of my mind since I learned about it last night, and I was trying to find a good way to express why something which might seem so minor is so important.

When I first encountered Fidelitas, I wondered about the name. Faithfulness was too distinct and specific to be some random fiction. When I learned of the past between Maligaro and Fidelitas/Raulo I immediately thought of Romeo and Juliet.

"These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which as they kiss consume."

As much as our exile characters might despise Maligaro's experiments they could appreciate the tragedy of the Fidelitas and Maligaro and the depth of emotion between the two. If Fidelitas became Fidelitis, then the entire meaning was lost and the whole subtext of what happened between them became something less important like the day you couldn't find your car keys for two hours.

I can't speak for other players, but for me Path of Exile is as much an interactive work of art as it is a computer game. Wraeclast has the potential to be as rich as any other fabled land, with the distinction of being a milieu which shows us the parts of history that documentaries shy away from because the darker, grittier details are too much for most people to handle.

Players in PoE don't have characters who are heroes or stereotypical bad boys. They are exiles with an unknown past. Like the Nexus 6 escapees in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the characters must find their own way in a harsh world that rejects them.

While the lore we have of PoE is scant, so far it has been cohesive. The lakes of blood in Lunaris tell us of unspeakable horrors, the likes of which have not been seen since the Aztecs drenched their streets with the blood of thousands on the greatest of feast days.

Path of Exile lets us peek back into the intertwining wretchedness of those that fell. We begin to learn of their vainglorious hopes and their dark ambitions. What happened to the Vaal and the Ezomytes isn't a dusty old book about some far off war, it is like discovering the secret lives of Aunt Cathy and Uncle Luke who were mad scientists who almost destroyed the world. Whether it is Daresso ripping the gem out of Kalisa's throat to give to his bride Merveil, or Raulo offering himself to Maligaro as a test subject, tragedy we can relate to underlies all the horror.

Even Maligaro's final words (according to Helena), "This gem is my salvation. Today I join Fidelitas." are reminiscent of Juliet's, "Oh, happy dagger, this is thy sheath. there rust and let me die" in that they both look forward to death rather than living without the one they love most.

So, that is my reasoning as to why something so seemingly minor really means so much.

Path of Exile is something special. Credibility and cohesiveness are part of what makes it so.

I looking forward to the lore discoveries as much as I do potential new boss fights and monsters.

Thanks for making the game, and thanks for fixing this!
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I definitely don't want to know whose call this was, but I do know now it wasn't decided by the devs I know and respect.

End of the matter for me.
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So far haven't seen a single person threatening to quit over 3.1 that I'd miss. So...Fuckity bye!
For the quest Piety's Pets in one of the difficulties, I don't know which one, you appear to only get one passive skill point instead of two like the quest log says.

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