2.6.1 Patch Notes

Best news since ten acts.
"Into the Labyrinth!
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Into the Labyrinth!"
We have enabled the Qiwi payment method (via Xsolla) for Russian users.

Xsolla is a shitty service with 30% tax >_> Hate this payment service.
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Somehow a better update than the "rebalance" fuck up game manifesto thread

Also i wanna grab this chance to spam this again:

Pls Give us the option to Merge a league into their parrent league just like for SSF....

(and for later leagues after 2 months of the league)
Chris wrote:
Under the new system, it's possible to delete a character without losing microtransactions. The warning for deleting characters with microtransactions has been removed, but the regular deletion warning is still there. It is now possible to delete characters with items affected by Skin Transfers. Also, because microtransaction effects are not directly bound to items, the warning that you get when selling an item to a vendor doesn't occur any more. We will look into ways to make vendoring items safer.

Pls, release a system to put a code before deleting characters. I don't wanna mistakenly delete any of my lv 100s, while deleting racing seasons characters because im not paying to much attantion :(

I remember beeing really hurt back 3 years ago when GGG told they are working on a system to restore deleted characters. It still didnt happen yet, so what about to need to put a code via email or just shown up to delete the character?

What bout to show the level of the character that gets deleted and not only the name?
New MTX system!!!!!!!
Kuratchi wrote:
New MTX system!!!!!!!

Maybe not just yet...
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