The Fall of Oriath: New Concept Art

So solaris and lunaris are... kitavas balls?
So 3 arms on one side and 1 arm on the other? Does that mean she lost 2 arms on one side?
More of the theme of symmetry/asymmetry, mirrors that reflect something else. Curious how the story will pan out.
"Into the Labyrinth!
left step, right step, step step, left left.
Into the Labyrinth!"
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Take his money!
My apologies to all
youtube name: spanish monarch
Build guides:
best srs build:
best lacerate oro build:
best doryani fist build:
WAT!? Only two boobs!?
6 hands waifu PogChamp
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what I wondering is how will she see? how will she move that 3 arms?
magic again?
Why do solaris and lunaris have flat faces? Could the artist not draw them properly?
Don't allow the Hungry Corpse eat the Washed Up Exile beside you on The Twilight Strand. He's just like you.

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