2.6.0e Patch Notes

RIP Self-Flagellation, lol.
obviously broken, obviously unintended, and obviously VERY FUN and creative build. I know it cannot stay, but PoE is a GAME, which supposed to be fun. Too bad in all the laddering, and grinding only wining matters.
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Completed 28 Challengesmeumaxu wrote:
Completed 24 ChallengesMalone wrote:
Completed 28 Challengesmeumaxu wrote:
thats lame they left manu broken builds become meta and ladt an entire ladder without any nerf, and they quixk fix a cleaver use of a dead jewel... 100% lame

crap game

not sure if serious or just trolling.

not sure if casual or just a baddie

Here's your not broken build that wouldn't become meta.
Now Self-Flagellation Jewel is useless again nice fix GGG :)
Completed 4 ChallengesQarl wrote:
2.6.0e Patch Notes:
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.6.0 where the Self-Flagellation Jewel no longer had its limit of one. This Jewel is intended to have a limit, which was not correctly reapplied in a refactor.
  • Fixed various translations for Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.

This patch has been deployed without a server restart.

What about those god damn GAMECRASHES with multithreading? Shouldn't it be fixed with your superpatch 2.6.d???
You know your build is good when GGG kills it the day after it comes into the public eye. If I ever create such a build, I'm keeping my ass quiet and enjoying it as long as possible!

i ever thought ggg servers will detect some abnormal damage output and send live notifications right t their balance team.

but that technology obviously isn't there yet!
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It was blatantly an useless jewel with its limit since the risk taken for using it was way higher than the reward; someone showed that with some adjusting might become viable for a build thanks to an error, it was clearly too good, but there's just a few numbers between limit of 1 and infinite, you know.

But no, better send it back to the huge hell of worthless uniques and gems, who cares, better think to xbox release.

This just blows my mind.
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Completed 28 Challengesmeumaxu wrote:
thats lame they left many broken builds become meta and last an entire ladder without any nerf, and they quick fix a cleaver use of a dead jewel... 100% lame

crap game

could you leave broken build at least for weekend ? :/
What with the lab crashes everytime? I need to finish lab finally?
10 hours of lab crashing without possibility to reach end of path even once will broke most toughest exiles[CRASH] --- What should hang,will not drown[CRASH] --- PoE has stopped working : start lab from beginning but first find 6 new spectres[CRASH]

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