Dead Build

3.3 Nerfed barrage realy hard , in order to get prenerf damage you need too many abbys jewels with at least 10 exbudget + watcher's eye this is against very first idea build itself. whole point was being offmeta and cheap.

If ggg buff barrage again i revive this post until that ill wait

Pros & Cons
+ Its very cheap
+ Can clear any content in game (Except uber atziri , to be able to deal that you need a certain level dodge,experiance with blink arrow and gear as i used on this build)
+ Not using too much aura
+ Not laggy (i use potato pc myself)
+ Can do no leech maps
- Not tanky at all
- Req blink arrow to move and dodge
- Damage over time is your enemy , bosses like brine king is very annoying to deal
- Uses thunderfist with curse you must swap it on atziri to avoid curse reflect or use curse flask

This build uses tempest bow with flat light dmg , no elemental conversion shenanigans or crazy endgame uniques. Just Barrage for bosses split arrow for clear

* İts now cheaper than ever
* Only req 1 6L for barrage
* Even flasks are budget
* Current Estimated budget about this build 20c to 2ex (Without Fuse and Craft Base Cost)
* This build dont use any abbys related item or shaped/elder base , that means if you love crafting you could get far more damage

What Changed ?
* No longer req any breach item
* Now has Dodge
* 860K dps , 1.126M dps with flasks (Point blank get 450K ish more dmg if you prefer)

* Now using X3 Static Electricty Jewel (1 alc to 1c)

This gives a lot of flat lightning damage , skill tree optimized to get max efficancy from this jewl.
(You can vaal it to get %4 chaos resist , its not much but X3 makes %12 Chaos resist it helps)

Essential Gear
%50 Attack Speed The Tempest bow with +1 Arrow Corrupt [You only need 2L]
(Cheapest way to obtain is buying Storm Cloud and Servant's heart prophecy)
Atziri Splendour (Could be any version as long has +100 Hp & resist)
X3 Static Electricty Jewel
Kiara's Determination

Endgame Gear
Thunderfist with "Elemental Weakness" Corrupt
(Swap with normal Thunderfist when you are fighting against atziri or swap Kiara with Curse immunity Basalt Flask)
The Vise Oak
Vessel Of Vinktar (Light pen is budget , Attacks is ideal)
The Vertex Helm
Lvl 4 Empower & Lvl 4 Enlighten (You dont need lvl4 but its huge dmg boost , its ok if you have lvl3)
With vertex and level 4 Empower + Enlighten you get 26 lvl HoT+Wrath without an losing opal ring.


Put 21 lvl Wrath and becomes 26 lvl wrath but you lose 26 lvl lvl herald of thunder and lots of damage inc opal ring %25 itself.That was one of the reasons why i prefer The Vertex its still an option if you prefer.

Full Dps Table
Barrage Non Flask Dmg = 861,340 ------ Barrage with Flask = 1,261,865
Split Arrow Non Flask Dmg = 79,403 ----- Split Arrow Flask = 119,937
Barrage with Shock & Flask = 1,892,798


Will This build work with another items ?
>Reach of the Council works with Physical to Light Supp + Stormcharger + %20 Phys to Light convert quiver corrupt , but why bother tempest is easier and has more dmg.

Why dont you post video
>Im using potato pc , here is my potato pc guide for path of exile if you using potato pc too >

Hc or SSF Viable ?
> SSf YES HC Probably no.

Why you using those items ?
> I believe you can beat game with cheap items , you dont need an 10 ex amulet or 15ex shield.Only thing in this build gonna cost you is crafted gear

Budget ?
> Hell yeah it is , this build was using expensive items like choir of the storm. Now everything is craft gear.

Why not Dying Sun
>It gives a lot of dps you cant use if you have it but it isnt a must have item

SSf Guide
Divination cards you should looking for listed here Except "Thunderous skies" all are voideye source.Voideye is +5 level ring it used to be part of main gear not anymore you still can wear until make lvl 4 empower.

Some Extra

There is no way get fortify with bow but you can swap your weapon and use that claw with whirling blades if you realy want fortify , same for shield assasin generates power charge this also does.

Rework History

6.0 Updated for 3.2
5.0 Reworked with 3.1 uniques
3.0 CotS Non budget
2.0 My Version without Aura skills
1.0 Based on KiKurASiruSaSH Assasin
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Luxery Update

Your Crafting Essences (Greed totaly optional since its non budget)

You can wear if you have clear speed obssession , but you are gonna lose dps for speed and carcass if you prefer lightning arrow over split arrow , i prefer split because with chain it has insane clear

You can use those if you have mf obsession but be careful golwyrm reduces resist a lot you may die , i do not suggest this.

If you like it why not ?

Those items are belong to old version , dont use it

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Hi there! Could you post a video of gameplay?


enjoing ur Build so far, tweeked it a littbe bit, just a few minor Adjustment, if i calc it threw Path of Building. To be fair w/o Opal rings, i get around 300k DPS. How can u get over the triple? Ah and how did u get ~70% Crit?
hello, can u post ur gear?
Dunno, this build isnt rly viable for anything. I am currently at level 78 got 4,4k HP and 1k ES. Still i get oneshoted by almost everything. No Armour no evasion nothing defensiv. I am at the point of giving up at this build. Yet i dont know how u did calc over 855k DMG. My Path of Building tells me smth around 300k. TB honest i cant afford Choir yet but i dont think thats make the differnce between such high dps numbers.
Posted gear alternatives but not main gear
Inferius90 wrote:
Posted gear alternatives but not main gear

??? He posted the Main gear guys, open ur eyes. For Chest Piece take Belly of the Beast or alternativ listed. For quiver u take a Saemus' Gift with +1 Arrow or the alternativ as he said. Helmet Alpha's Howl with the link he listed for that. Otherwise budget u just take a good rare helmet with resi/hp. All the other gear is rare gear with HP/ES/RESI/FLATlightningDMG. For Amulet u take Choir if u got the Currency.

But guys dont Build this build. It cant be done on a budget. I got "good" enough gear, w/o Choir i get to 360k DPS. And u get oneshooted by Almost everything. Got 5k HP and 1,2k ES its just not enough to facetank anything, so dont Try it.
3.0 Updated New Info

If you want to level up fastly pick storm cloud that will keep you until cruel
Skill tree priority is totaly up to your gameplay.Level up with split arrow

Wear Crappy uniques gives Lightning damage as much as possible , or attack speed or flat lightning damage.

When you start to find prophecy look servant heart , then buy %50 Attack speed storm cloud (that must be over ilvl 50 for 6 socket) You get %50 AS tempest with %100 proc rate no random.

If you starting to league i suggest start use prophecy system after cruel , in cruel things get messy if you holding up storm cloud.I do that and i die like 2-3 times on cruel malachai before , tho it was avoidable damage but still i wasnt able to melt him with my damage since storm cloud isnt tempest.

Tempest bow makes you stronger as % of your lightning dmg

This build Has base %265 Lightning multiplier with Choir of the storm , %20 Quality Herald of thunder , Tempest.(Skill tree lightning dmg not included)

Means whenever you get flat dmg you get X2.65 Times of this damage , that includes wrath and herald of thunder bonus

I also make sure this build get lightning penetration as much as possible with lighning curse gives enemies -% resist

All this build series has at least %60-75 Light pen (Inquisitor and Elementalist %100)
This means another MORE damage.
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Updated now even better.
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