The Wise Oak Mechanics Explanation

Love the small synergy with the flask and Primeval Force for some elemental damage while temporarily giving me over 100% fire penetration for Molten Burst and more fire penetration on Cyclone ( 69% in this case :P ). My lightning res happens to have the lowest amount, so it will get the bonus, but cold res is pretty close being like two above the lowest. Some day I will try to divine one of the items to even them out for both to get the reduction in damage.
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Seriously, I don't know why people hate on Wise Oak as much as they do. I super want one for my Frost Blades Ranger, but they're expensive on Standard right now X_X. But yeah, this thing is cool. For one, Bismuth flasks are a way gear-constrained or unique-heavy characters can manage overcapping for Elemental Weakness maps. It's not as reliable as actually overcapping, no, but it's certainly something. For two, those bonuses are no joke. Even if I'm never going to even out all three of my resistances (I've got a legacy Taste on that character, and it is going nowhere), getting the extra penetration for FB is better for what I need flask damage boosts for than most anything else. Nobody needs flasks for clearing unless their build sucks or they're a Pathfinder, but getting some extra boss pen is very nice.

And for three, it's just fun. Nice longish-term goal of balancing out resists as much as possible to benefit more fully from the defensive bonuses, and it's more interesting to work with and build around than a lot of bundle-of-stats uniques or random boring rares.

TBS should give me one so I can enjoy it firsthand :P
Thanks for the explanation. For some reason I thought uncapped meant less than capped i.e. less than 75%, so I wasn't using the one I have. Now I will for the extra cold damage on my Frostbolt totem character.

I assume it stacks with a penetration gem?

Completed 3 ChallengesSaevan wrote:
I assume it stacks with a penetration gem?

Yes, Penetration modifiers stack :)
Explain what amount is "capped" resistance?
I thought it's 135% of each element but people say different things here
I got lucky when I decided to match my resists, I did a search for a pair of gloves with some life and the exact resists I would need to match them all up and bam the first result was the perfect pair for a couple chaos. Had all my uncapped res at 149 for a while.

I've since upgraded some pieces and lost the matching resists. It took me a while again but now I have it to fire highest and cold and lightning match for lowest which is perfect for my build.

Always aiming for all 3 to match again though.
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Completed 6 ChallengesInferius90 wrote:
Explain what amount is "capped" resistance?
I thought it's 135% of each element but people say different things here

There are no known game mechanics that refer to capped resistances, only uncapped.

In the community, "capped resistance" generally just means that your resistance reaches the cap. The natural cap without other modifiers is 75%. However, currently, Cruel and Merciless difficulties impose a -20% and -60% all resistances penalty respectively. Since most dedicated players are Mapping, which takes place in Merciless, they require 135% resistances to reach 75% after the penalty.

The character sheet shows your calculated pre-penetration resistance to the left, and your total resistance including penalty in parentheses.

Note that your hideout is currently always in Normal Difficulty, so it has no resistance penalty.

1% is not capped
40% is "capped in normal with a Bismuth"
75% is "capped in normal"
95% is "capped in cruel"
135% is "capped in merc" or "capped in maps"
169% is "capped in merc/maps against Map mod Elemental Weakness"

Those are all before penalty. Since the number in parentheses includes penalty, all you need to figure out if you are capped in a particular condition is to see if the parentheses number is bigger than (not equal to) the stated number. For example 71% (74%) is capped. 74% (74%) is not capped. 75% (109%) is capped. -30% (-30%) is not capped. And so on.
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I had to wait and buy "The Gull" with high ES and exact 36 cold res, so now all my resistances are 161.

Love your flask, it's great!
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Thanks a ton for all of the messages guys. I'm glad to see how many people are enjoying the concept as much as I am.
who's hating on it ?
its a powerful flask that requires some gear tinkering to work.

its a damn well designed flask even though it might be very powerful

unlike dying sun, sins rebirth, toh, atziris promise and other similar flasks which work 'out of the box' and dont require anything else besides having the flask

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