Content Update 2.6.0 Patch Notes

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Ctrl + F Vinktars

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Crtl + F Vaal Pact

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Really makes you think..

You're like the 4th person to post this exact same stupid bullshit in this thread alone. This is literally the 'broken bullshit fun-league', no one wants this shit nerfed right now except for [Removed by Support] who hate fun. Get over it or go play another game; no one will miss you, I promise.

Ctrl + F Vinktars

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Crtl + F Vaal Pact

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I am disappoint.

You're proving my point.
So much patch
Marylene's Fallacy: No longer has the property non-critical strikes deal 40% less damage.

New best Crit Amulet :P

Because they remove content accessibility to player because they cannot make their game hacker safe

It's the normal player that will suffer the most from such decision

"Normal players" won't suffer at all, because we're perfectly content to run Maps. I agree with the other guy- if you're this upset by the change, it's because you were abusing it. I doubt the average player will even notice the change.
Cabbyz wrote:
We've made it slightly easier to convert more physical damage to elemental damage for some attack skills. Frost Blades and Ice Shot now have 60% physical to cold conversion, up from 40%.

What happened to this conversion buff? Is that not a thing anymore?

lol i hope they add that at the bottom at the patch notes for left out stuff.. cause if they think that buffing hrimsorrow will do the job then luls.. cause i know the tree conversion definitely wont be doing the job.
Double dipping still intact, or am I missing something here?
Vaal Pact still intact...
That aside, I really don't feel the Reach bow nerf was needed, most of us used Opus ever since the Reach nerf, as Opus provides slightly better single target and Reach was a luxury item no matter how you look at it.
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whelp, viperstrike starforge + marylene's fallacy, anyone?
or maybe dual montegrul's grasp summoner?
Or maybe even a viable xirgils crank character?
See you in 3.0.
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Bex_GGG wrote:
Lioneye's Watch now has stairs.


Haha rekt
this is arpg nah?

path of exile is the most boring games since some patch...
nerf alot of skill and mechanic every 3 month
but don't balance item like vinktar's and dying sun.... he prefer destroy the game...
the real problem is the flask.....
i'm pretty sure u can balance that or simply removes from the games.

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