[3.24]g00fy_goober's EleBuzzsaw Deadeye (Easily Clear All Content) *REVAMPED AGAIN*

Note: If you have any questions pertaining to the build. Please post them here or if you want feel free to ask in stream. Please do not PM me in game or on forum as you will not get a response.

Stream: Feel free to stop by my stream at twitch.tv/goof1313 if you have any questions about builds or guides. Always happy to discuss them on stream or answer any questions you may have.

3.24 - Not much changed for ST this patch, only real difference is the craft for reduced mana cost was removed on ST which is super sad but easily fixed up. We pick up 2 points for clever thief and this gives us some life leech, mana leech, and some life/mana on hit. We also end up dropping Lethality which really wasn't worth the 3 points anyway to pick up a nice small reservation cluster.

Video Guide
https://youtu.be/HjJO2_pswHk - Video guide is from 3.23 Make sure to check changelog for any changes, written guide will be updated but video guide will obviously not be.

Spectral Throw has always been one of my favorite skills of all time. It just really fits right into that fantasy blow shit up aspect of ARPGS and was always super fun to play with a ton of scaling potential. I have revamped or redone the build multiple times and each time it feels drastically different than it was before. This latest time is no exception. Between new items and uniques and power creep and other league contents I am happy to saw that it is back and feels better than ever.

A lot of people say ST is dead or needs a huge buff and as most leagues people tend to see the top 20 or so "META" builds and everything else must not be viable. Well I am here to show you yet again that the build is not only completely fun and viable but is indeed THRIVING in it's current state.

Honestly not much to say here as everything is super straightforward. Best to pick up LMP with Spectral Throw early until you get more projectiles later on from ascendency/cluster Jewels and tree. Use a couple damage support gems like added lightning and ele damage with attacks and you just roll through campaign. Upgrade weapon and such when you can to get nice attack speed + more ele damage. Standard leveling uniques help a lot and so do something like praxis rings to get -mana cost.

Gear breakdown & Stat Prioritization
Best to refer to POB as it is much more organized and fully up to date but will leave quick examples/explanations here.
Standar blizzard crown base with +1 max power charge. Spell suppress here is super important and getting a spell suppress +1 power charge. Any type of res/life/accuracy is a bonus.

. Imperial claw base and crafting will be explained later in guide. Basically want dual element with ele pen for prefixes and then crit/attack speed for suffixes.

Crafted shield which we will go into more detail later in guide + video guide. Making sure to get enough avoid ele ailments to get our 100% along with high life and some double damage, flat dmg is a bonus here and nice as well.

Attack crit + extra curse + power charge on crit is the play here. elevated mods are better obviously and really not super crazy. A HUGE bonus is to get veiled mod of avoid ele ailments here. Much harder to become ele ailment immune without this roll. However you can also craft it on as a prefix as well. It is also nice to get no life roll here at all as picking up the 15% increased life mastery will give you more life + allow you to get another prefix craft instead.

Suppress + movespeed + chaos res + Strength basically. We are super str/int starved so need a couple good rolls of these and getting boots with a solid str roll helps alleviate that a lot. Suppress so we can cap ofc and then movement + chaos res.

Hybrid temple mod of cold res + inc dmg with hits against chilled enemies is the big one here. Try to get some res and throw on aspect of the spider as well. Getting attack speed here would be a big bonus too. The implicits are absolutely amazing with rage generation + free lightning exposure.

Mageblood is amazing for this build just like any others. Not required by any means but really helps out with a lot of attack speed and utility type stuff including a nice boost to our res and completely eliminating our mana cost which feels amazing.

Bade of the brotherhood is great here for the max frenzy charges and elusive stuff. Rings are w/e needed. I loved getting some big fat dps rings with global crit multi and edwas and anything else that is needed. One big fat int roll, along with cursing enemies with ele weakness on hit. Finish up with any res rolls needed some extra life and ofc if you want 0 mana cost you have to get 2x -7 mana cost rolls and catalyst them up to -8.


Highly interchangeable and can do w/e you want here. I personally go for:
Amethyst/Quicksilver/Silver/Jade Flask. Then you obviously mageblood up with the increased effect prefix roll along with 70% effect from enkindling. Then the other suffix rolls I chose were ele res, evasion, attack speed, and reduced effect of curses.

Jewels are getting more and more powerful by the league and can cost an insane amount but the power that they bring is absolutely insane.
First we go with our Watcher's eye with -pen wrath and then a nice grace roll to finish capping our suppress. Next up is our MASSIVE thread of hope which was as expensive as ever this league but lets us pick up 8-10 skill points which are all amazing for our build. Our forbidden flame/flesh combo was nice for avatar of the slaughter giving us huge bonus's to our frenzy charges.

Gems & Links

6L Setup: Spectral THrow - Added cold - Added Lightning - EDWAS - Trinity - Nightblade
*NOTE* Awakened versions of gems will be used later
3L Setup: Whirling blades - Faster Attacks - Steelskin
3L Setup: Berserk - Ancestral Protector - Blood Rage
4L Setup: CWDT (level 20) - Hydrosphere + Summon Lightning Golem - Meat Shield
*NOTE* Keep as 2 seperate 2 links so you can manually cast golem whenever you need to.
4L Setup: Wrath - Grace - Herald of Ice - Enlighten
4L Setup: Sniper's Mark - Mark on Hit - Cast on Death - Portal
*NOTE* Also 2 seperate 2 links.

Refer to the video guide for now.

No No Map Mods
- None. This is probably the best build I have ever ran for doing any map mods. Not a single mod matters to us at all or bothers us in the slightest. HAPPY MAPPING BOIS!

Overcharge. Have to get that extra +1 power charge bringing us up to a total of +7 power which then gives us +7 frenzy charges

Kill all for the +2 passives

Ascendancy Points
Far Shot > Endless Munitions > Gathering Winds > Focal Point

Minor God - Abberath. I Like being immune to burning ground especially when I have no regen on map mod or w/e.

Major God - Soul of Solaris. Avoiding crit if you have been crit recently is great plus some reduce ele and phys dmg if certain conditions are met.

Feel free to change this as needed or use whatever other gods you would like to worship.


Hope you all enjoyed the guide and hope it allows many of you to enjoy poe even more. If you have any questions/comments feel free to post up but make sure you have FULLY read the guide. Happy farming my fellow exiles!
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Looks interesting! Gonna keep my eyes on this build :)
This is pretty close to what I have on my PoEplanner tree right now, except I wanted to try to build around Wild Strike and dual Hands of Wisdom and Action. Think it could be viable?
Arnseb wrote:
Looks interesting! Gonna keep my eyes on this build :)

Feel free, its a build I have enjoyed the most with this game so far!

PetraTouVorra wrote:
This is pretty close to what I have on my PoEplanner tree right now, except I wanted to try to build around Wild Strike and dual Hands of Wisdom and Action. Think it could be viable?

HOWA are wonderful as they are right now. I know GGG said they would hold off on nerfing until they change their poison/double dipping and other changes as well. I do not know for sure what is going to make it into 2.6 and what will hold off till 3.0 but its pretty safe to say that sooner rather than later HOWA will not be as good as they are now. Other than that I can not say, cross your fingers and hope for the patch notes :)
Thanks for posting this.. I wasn't sure what I wanted to run with the new league. Had a few possibilities, but nothing I was in love with.

Wanted something along these lines, liked your requirements for a build.
In Wraeclast, if someone tries to kill you... you just kill them right back.
Trapperkeeper wrote:
Thanks for posting this.. I wasn't sure what I wanted to run with the new league. Had a few possibilities, but nothing I was in love with.

Wanted something along these lines, liked your requirements for a build.

Glad you like it. Ya I can be very picky when it comes to a truly good build. I just want some of everything :)
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Very interesting build, thanks for your work.

Just a question, i saw this in the 2.6 manifesto :

"Daggers now have a lower implicit value. This will also apply to already-existing dagger implicits. Previously daggers granted 40%, 60% or 80% increased critical chance. These values have been changed to 30%, 40% and 50%. This is to reduce the impact specific base types had on weapon choices, and lower the power of the standout critical caster weapon base type."

Is there a inpact for your build ? The 10% crit decrease is significant ?

Thanks you,


Might be playing this as starter and switch to ES/Int and 2xHOWA later
Thoughts on going CI with Aegis Aurora? added elemental damage with energy shield replenish. with enough accuracy could u ignore the current shield u have?
Requesting you use the URL feature and redo the links to your skill trees.
In Wraeclast, if someone tries to kill you... you just kill them right back.

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