2.5.2b Patch Notes

ggg wrote:
We've just launched four new microtransactions! Check out the Infernal Character Effect, Celestial Hood, Dragon Banners and Ebony Tornado Shot.

No thanks, fix your game first!
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Ok so I really love this game, one of my favourites ever, and I love the consistent content releases.

But it seems like the game gets badly broken after every other patch, along with the still horrific performance around burning ground etc.

Please pretty please prioritise quality control and continue to prioritise performance issues.

I play on a potato but breaches have become unplayably laggy again and last night I got dumped out of the game every few minutes about 8 times.

Given the success of this game and the growing size of the company it's truly mindblowing that quality control and stability issues remain as bad as they are.

I say this not as a hater but as someone who truly loves this game but just despairs sometimes at the still glaring and frequent quality control issues.

I understand there is a tension between quantity of release (for which this game is amazing) and quality of release but surely at some point the live realm has to stop feeling like an ongoing early beta.
Have been dropping below 10 FPS during breaches and other high density situations. Reminds me of my old computer from 10+ years ago and playing games on it. Everything has been sluggish and stuttering. It honestly feels like every patch just makes it worse.
The loot filter does not refresh items on the ground anymore, you have to pick the item up and drop it again if you want to see the changes.
No one expects the Spanish Incursion
Can you please (that's a first) stop shitting on the game with each patch?

Fps slowly goes down as you "improve" the game.
fkxDuelist wrote:
@Qarl : You never deployed a main patch without any issue, nor started a new league without a big mess. Do you really think it's serious to launch an X1 port?

[EDIT] Just played a map with burning ground, it lags as hell.

Indeed i just tester myself a burning ground map, never seen lower fps on the game, i mean we arent talking about 100 or 130, its literally 30 fps, imagine combined with breach.... something is wrong :)

CPU : FX 8300 OC to 4 Ghz
GPU : GTX 970 EXOC Black Edition
Motherboard : 990FX Extrem 3
12 Go RAM DDR3 1333
Windows 7 Ultimate
I think they really want to fix the game; at least patch notes mention that they are trying.. The sad and terrifying truth is that they are simply uncapable of doing it, and too pride to hire someone who betters them and turn "their" game playable.
So sad they actually work hard leagues after leagues, tons of unique items, Xbox direction. It Could be SO MUCH top game if they would just kill their pride for a sec, find a developer, and Get the Job Done!
Lol all of these complaints about DX11 problems when it's an optional beta. Top keks. Also, my performance is markedly better. Thanks GGG keep up the great work.

Yes. Because part of the community doesn't feel the issue doesn't mean no one else in the community CAN or WILL feel it.

Over generalization is a bad thing and is what brings bigotry, so please, be civil and let people expose the issue and not have people like you dismissing and assuring GGG that everything is "fine".

Things are clearly not fine even for top end rigs, so please by all means contribute and try to troubleshoot with us, because this way the issue will not resolve itself and part of the community will leave...

PS: I for one am still running the Dx9 version and am encountering issues I did not encounter in the previous big patch. This is very reminiscent of a previous performance issue I had during prophecy league if I recall correctly. There issues were no longer present in Breach (hence why I came back) but they have resurfaced without any change to software or hardware besides Path of Exile (literally just patched).
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My POE keeps crashing after the recent patch. I've reduced all graphical setting to bottom. I've tried all the different dx9, dx9ex, dx11 options, and crash happens with all of them. When using the dx9 and dx9ex clients the game sometimes freeze but I can still alt-tab out, sometimes the computer just crash and need to hard reboot. When using dx11 client, the game crash with a dx11 error message "too many commands" or something along that line. I've played this game for years and never encounter this problem. Anyone else experiencing problems?

computer spec:
CPU: i7 3770k
GPU: GTX 570
MB: MSI-Z77A-45

please help, Thanks.

### After a few more test, my problem seemed to be caused by the multi-threading option. The game now functions after I turn off multi-threading.
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I know that u are working on improving the game, but its not enough. Too many people have too many problems with freeze screen (low fps) and continuous pike of ms with very good pc and internet. They are two diferent problems and I understand the high ping sometimes its a problem for the contracted servers around the world...so ok. But its shameful that u dont spend more resources on optimizing the game, but you spend resources in xbox or new mtx. In every patch my game explodes and you need a hotfix for us (people with fps troubles)Its frustrating. I know you need money to continue working on it and xbox and mtx give you money, but how i start saying...its not enough.

Keep working, but work harder for us and we will know how to thank you. :)

P.S.: Sorry for my very bad english, im working on it :P

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