I've been running this build this league(3.9) and so far I've thrown roughly 2 to 2 1/2 exalts at it and it is still just as good as in other leagues. The only thing I'd change about the build is a simple addition, on your amulet I'd work towards enchanting the passive Breath of Flames through blight oil enchantment. This gives +10% Fire Damage Over Time Multiplier and 20% increased Fire Damage. The only downside of this is that golden oil, one of the ingredients for the enchant, is a bit expensive.
Or you could go for Growth and Decay for the regen 1% of life per second.
Growth and Decay has the same dmg output as Breath of Flames but on Growth and Decay you will have 1% more liferegen per second.

You can also go for Double Curse (Whispers of Doom) it's more DPS if you use a Witchfire Brew + Flammabillity/Ele Weak.

I dont recommend using Whispers of Doom because you need to use a Witchfire Brew + Flammabillity to have an advantage of this & in some fights, mostly bossfights you wont have your flasks up and being based on flasks is bad.

You can also go for a Witchfire Brew without Double Curse if you dont use a Curse but using no -Res Curse with a Witchfire is less DMG compared to a -Res Curse & without a Witchfire. (Always calculating vs Shaper)

Btw Demi forgot to use a 6% Life Node instead of a 5% Life Node.

You can also go for more Life, if you dont take the DMG Nodes like Breath of Flames & Divine Judgement.

I'd probably also go for Chieftain if I am able to get 90% Phys Reduce infight & enough Chaos Res.
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what do you think of the formless inferno as a helmet for this build in 3.9 acting like a mini taste of hate or lighting coil?
what about the Pantheon ? it doen't show in the thread
Love this build! any chance you could update this for 3.11?

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