[2.4] Aim's Malice 100% CRIT Discharger, Fast farms, 6 minutes Full Core Deathless

i can use this same build, but using this:

this will works as the same or better right?
Completed 7 Challengessergioppath wrote:
i can use this same build, but using this:

this will works as the same or better right?

No, lul.
a1mandf1re wrote:
Can someone take a look at my character radiationLeak, I can't even beat merc izaro what should I change?

I understand the love for Purities, but just for a little... Try accompanying your Life Leech gem with Warlord's Mark blasphemy. One Vinktar use is just 4.8 seconds.
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Is it possible to go low life with this build? or is pcoc + skyforth not enough to get power charges?

Hi guys! I have a lot of gg discharge gear from the old days, and am doubling down and making a CI/cospri guy along the lines of this build. I haven't played discharge for 2 patches, so I really wanted to draw on you guys for some wisdom with decision making to min-max around my gear. Incoming wall of text! Thanks in advance for any feedback.

A bunch of questions:

- I have a +1 curse voll ammy, and want to make the best use of it possible. I am able to cap res without purities... is the best choice for dual curse to go blasphemy - enlight - assass mark - warlords, then to have enlighten - disc elsewhere? Are these the two most helpful curses? I also have ele weak on hit malig, but it seems bad as I lose soo much ES from my normal gloves (and much needed acc), and I feel I need the warlord's to deal with reflect without purities.

-With the dual curse aura + disc setup, I don't have room or reserve for herald of ice - ice bite - innervate - crit strikes. Is it that good? Am I really missing out?

-I have a +1 level corrupted 6L voll chest, which is sadly not as good as it used to be since 6L is mainly support. Unfortunately it's nearly impossible to color, but I am going to take a shot at it with the 1G vorici recipe and will likely manage to hit 3G and either 2B1R or 2R1B before I run out of currency. What are the best options to take advantage of the +1 level? I have stacked acc in my helm/gloves/rings, so I can drop added acc from the 6L. I am looking at cyclone - coc - blade vortex - inc crit chance as the 4 mandatory gems... leaving 2 slots. I know that they should ideally be faster attacks and pcoc... but what do you consider the best options if I'm unable to get 4G2B? I am thinking that these 2 slots will go to some combo of fortify/immortal call/pcoc. The +1 is really impactful with spells... is there any spell that would be preferable over the 3 skills above if I can't hit a 4th green? Another discharge or maybe ice nova (adds ele equilib to big aoe, and is over 15k dps 2x/sec)?

-Given that I am going 4% leech with warlords + LL gem... is vinktar's even better than a surgeon's (legacy) topaz flask with a utility mod? I am imagining reflect will be fine with 9k es + 4% leech.

-Similarly, should I be running dying sun or a surgeon's ruby flask with utility? This I guess is just simpler... run dying sun for all but the hardest maps for clear speed, and swap to surgeons ruby for consistency on hard maps?

-Is blood rage actually good here? I am confused... 4% phys dmg as ES/sec seems like a lot just to gain a bit of attack speed. If I go with immortal call being in my 6L... I guess I'd be phys immune and this wouldn't be an issue?

-Perhaps one of the most important questions... what is the deal with attack speed? If I have 7 aps on cyclone, that is 14 hits per sec. We have a .1s cooldown... so doesn't that mean I can never proc 2 hits in a row (as the 2nd comes before .1 sec has refreshed)? So is the ideal exactly 5 aps for 10 hits/sec... so you can proc up to 10x/sec?

Thanks for wading through all of this! Appreciate your input guys.
CoC Discharge build: poeurl.com/wmg
Windripper build: poeurl.com/zEScQ5y
Facebreaker build: poeurl.com/zEScWcC
Dual Totem MF build: poeurl.com/zEScZ7f
Shops: poeurl.com/zESc3Ok AND poeurl.com/zESc7c5
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Hey, I'm re-speccing to this build. I have some jewels currently that I wasn't sure if they would work or not for this.

+x% Critical Strike Multiplier with Cold Skills

Since Discharge is a cold skill, does this work for it and apply to all damage types it does? I'm a little confused since it's not increased cold damage specifically, but for the skill itself.

Hey I have a question. So I'm currently in the final stretch of the build (lvl 88, all items besides getting better gloves/shield with better ES on them, at the post of the comment I'm about to get a tri-res chainbelt with +1 endurance, and last my enlighten jewel is 99.99% to level 3) yet I'm still having some issues with mana. I have two -8 rings and run a +2 mana on hit jewel and yet I still ocasionally run out of mana awkwardly mid fight of a boss and sometimes die, even with warlords on sometimes. You said that cyclone is at like a 3 mana cost but mine is 8 and with 29 mana total mana (after all reserves are active). Any possible idea/help? Thanks and I love you build, most fun I've ever had in a long time, and lets me troll people who have bad PCs, HaHa.

Edit: Crazy thing, for shits I tried out a reduce mana support and now cyclone costs nothing. Free trickster, while fortify is beautiful I love this no mana cost, until I figure out why my mana is 8 instead of 3 or anybody can help me, I'd say this is a pretty good patch/fix to the issue.
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good build but not enough dps for minotaur. well atleast my wasn't.
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I said goodbye to Cyclone after Blade flurry released. Now even with one -8 Elreon ring I have free melee attack triger for CoC. Oh and btw IMMORTAL CALL in Voll's Protector was like INSIGHT....Now my favourite guardian is Minotaur who just facerolled under insta IC. So big thanks to demopolos for his CoC questions. Also wanna say thank you for his Facebreaker build which was also awesome in my last league
Gahrizzly wrote:
good build but not enough dps for minotaur. well atleast my wasn't.

Not build's fault lul.

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