[3.0] Freezer Burn - AB AoF MoM EO, Cheap, Fun, Screw the Meta

Kwitch wrote:
VoodootiKi wrote:
Honest question, but why for Path of Building did you basically put in max stats rares with 5-6 stats that apply? It just seems so dishonest to put perfect gear and then use that as your marker for dps and other stats :/

I was really excited to try this build until I saw that.

I always make my builds with the highest potential they can achieve, for those with the budget.
I always assume I'll reach *Half* of that. Maybe, if I'm lucky.
If the build looks good at 50%, then I publish it. Also, when I made this build PoB didn't even exist yet. As was indicated, it's retired due to the change to pierce. I've been working on other content.

Please, by all means, feel free to put your own character into PoB and see how your damage looks.
My original guide, with 70k tooltip in a GMP setup was in-game screenshots. Take that for what you feel it's worth.

Wasn't trying to come across as too rude. Just wanted to understand the mentality. But thanks for the explanation. I liked your video on your poison flicker striker. Cheers for making unique builds. I'll be keeping an eye on what you're working on in the future.
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Hey! I'm a new player and I've been following your build, but I've hit a bit of a snag.

I'm 62 now but I still got only 58 dexterity, and can't use greater projectiles.
Should I just hope for a lucky ring to boost my dex?
Leveling GMP doesn't help too much, so feel free to leave it underleveled for a bit until you upgrade your gear.
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i think skill trees are bugged.. :/
escerny1221 wrote:
i think skill trees are bugged.. :/
This thread keeps getting bumped, and I keep explaining that the build has the PoB link at the top and is otherwise retired. Replying to this also bumps it. But please understand that development of this build has been ceased as of 3.0 due to the pierce change mechanically.

The PoB link is the only update for 3.0. I'll give you the tree if you want it as a web link, but seriously, I don't recommend following this build as-is until the pierce problem is solved. Pierce is literally a build killer.


^ This is the current tree, and again I re-iterate that I don't recommend playing this build as of 3.0. You can use a different chest other than lioneye's vision and play it, but using that chest was a core part of how the build 'felt' to play and without it the clearspeed, damage, and mechanical aspects are seriously hindered.

Good luck to ya.
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