An Interview with our Level Design Department

awesome engagement with the community, regardless of bickering in the comments
joachimbond wrote:
I want to know which one of these knobs is responsible for the Lab, so I can fantasize about his punishment in hell.

Edit to add: specifically, I want to know who it was who said, "I know! Let's put platformer-style mechanics into this game! Everyone loves platformers, right?". He gets to be my happy wheels avatar.

Platform games: jumping between platforms. There is no jumping in PoE.

Traps: you don't have to make it perfectly through traps. Most characters can take the damage fairly well. And the traps are rather simple at best. Very easy to walk around or just time your movement. After all, you have projectiles flying at you from the mobs you're fighting, so I assume you take some time to avoid those depending upon your build, right?

joachimbond wrote:
...because i'm in the income bracket and lifestyle that can afford to put money into the game.

...yet you didn't according to the forum profile you're using.

joachimbond wrote:
And my opinion, though extreme as I expressed it here, is generally shared among people who used to play this game.

"Generally"? Nope. You're in the minority.
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Josiah D: The Labyrinth is certainly one of the most interesting things we've done from a level design perspective.

Neden yaşıyorsun?
That's nice work . grats for been 3 in your team !!

I hope the perandus monster if melted in standard will be less bully with all these lags we had fighting that bull packs of magic monsters !!! I mean graphicaly/ram it was hard...
But still was a nice system and it was fun.

All i hope now is that your levels will not get too big for the lower pc like mine or even the pc that cost ~600.00 to 1000.00 lol.. that's getting high for no much reason ( high particules ).

And i hope the improvements that you already talken is incoming soon :) !
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