Trying to play an animation that doesn't exists or otherwise has an invalid index

Crashed for all portals on a map Racecourse everytime I was walking beyond the half of map on which you spawn on the first level.
I have the same problem on a Terrace map. I can enter it, but as soon as I move a single screen from the entrance I get this error message then the game crashes.

Ripped a T14 map for me :(
Same issue in this Barrows map.

I've had this issue in the Iceberg and Mud Geyser maps. It seems to be solely tied to location. There's an area that if I get near the game just crashes.
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Just started happening to me too!!:( I want to play!!
Same for me at Mud Gayzer map.
It was yesterday on it, and it repeated today.
Can't even enter the map:

Trying to play an animation that doesn't exist or otherwise has an invalid index

Error appeared doing the first beach map Zana gives

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Had this issue in elder influenced atoll map after abyss activation.
Cleared this spot before the activation witout an issue.
reporting same problem atm, for me on Chateau Map.
Just ripped my spider forest map because of that issue. Crashes happened on the same place on the map every time.

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